21 duel to Blackjack ♠ Online

21 duel in Blackjack is one of the many exciting variants of the classic casino game and is available on Best Casino-Us-Online.com It is for example, available on William Hill, Eurobet and Snai. And we easily imagine that the list is not complete and in evolution. In the video on the side you can see how the game proceeds.

Some peculiarities of 21 duel in Blackjack

Now let's see how to play 21 duel in Blackjack and how this differs from the classic version.
Let's start by saying that, even at 21 duel in Blackjack, the purpose of the game is to make sure that the sum of the values of your cards approaches twenty -one, without overcoming it, making better than the bench against which you play.

The main difference of the 21st Duel in Blackjack compared to the classic version is that two cards are discovered and in the center table, common both to you and the counter (or other players) and that you can choose which of the two cards play with. In addition, the twenty -one is always considered in the same way, in any way you form it.

A game simulation ...

At 21 duel to Blackjack you will begin by making two types of episodes: one before the play that is made before the distribution of the cards and a complementary (and optional), usually called 2up, which gives a win in case of your cards there is one couple (paid 3 to 1) or a trio (paid 20 to 1).

After carrying out the so -called "antecedent episode" and any 2up, 4 cards are distributed, two blankets in common with the counter, and your two of which is a discovery and a blanket.

At this point you will have to decide whether to leave your hand ("Leave" button), losing the prior episode, or whether to continue playing. In the latter case, you will have to decide which of the two cards of the counter to play: the right ("right paper" key) or the left ("left card" key).

You will then have to choose whether to request to discover the other card in your possession ("paper" button) or if staying ("be" button).
At this point ... "That'All Folks". Other relaunch mechanism are not available, the cards are discovered and the winnings are distributed. Simple true, 21 duel to Blackjack?!?

This intriguing version of the Casino-Us-Online.com Blackjack online, sometimes known as Duel 21, has simple rules is easy to learn and offers the possibility of adding a pinch of poker.
The cards are worth exactly like in Blackjack onlineCasino-Us-Online.com, but playing duel 21 all the hands with a total of twenty -one are worth the same (i.e. a infantry and an ace are worth the same as a 7 a 10 and a 4).

How to start playing 21 duel in Blackjack

First you need to do an initial episode, but be careful because to conclude the game you will have to point the same sum again. So if you want to play $ 100 make an initial episode (called in some online casino Casino-Us-Online.com antecedent or ante) of $ 50.
At this point click on distribute, you will receive a covered card and a discovery, the desk will receive two covers and in addition two common cards discovered will be distributed at the center of the table.

Your options

At this point you can decide to leave and lose how much you had played initially or to continue playing 21 duel in Blackjack and choose one of the two common cards. By choosing one of the two common cards you make another episode equal to the initial episode.
To choose a card just click on the card itself and the value of your hand will be displayed.
Now you have two choices you can decide to stay or discover the covered card that has been given to you at the beginning.

The game of the counter

The counter must always take a paper if it has scored a score equal to or less than 16 and must be with an equal or greater score of 17.
In addition, only in the online Casino-Us-Online.com version of the game, if the score of the counter is less than 13, the counter does not qualify for the match of 21 duel in Blackjack and win on the initial episode and draws on the investigation even if your score is less than that of the Banco (to stay in the previous example if you had initially played $ 50 Receive $ 150)

A pinch of 21 duel poker at Blackjack OnlineCasino-Us-Online.com

After playing your game at 21 duel at Blackjack online Casino-Us-Online.com you have the opportunity to make a collateral episode, also called 2 up before the cards are distributed. This is a bet on the top three distributed cards, namely common cards and your discovery card. If the cards contain a pair (for example two infantrymen or two seven of any seed) win the episode three times. If the uncovered cards contain a tris Vinci 20 times your episode.

The other version of the Blackjack

Among the most popular versions of Blackjack online depopulates the live version In fact, many players love to interact with live Croupier. But be careful, given the limited time you have to bet it is more difficult to put in practice tricks and strategies. Read more about the available versions of the Blackjack online.

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