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Since Baccarat also entered the certified online games, American players have started to choose it more and more frequently from the virtual casino menu, initially out of curiosity or to try something different from the usual roulette or videopoker, later because conquered by the modalities of the game itself.

This does not surprise us at all, the baccarat obviously not online is one of the oldest and most compelling games that exists; Since the Middle Ages, first in the homes of nobles and reigns then in the mess around the world, crowds of bettors have followed the expert moves of the bench and player hypnotized: the online baccarat is in fact a challenge for two, on which, however, they can aim and win Up to 14 external bettors. More compelling acora is the version of the casino, where you play live with Croupier.

Abc del Baccarat online

The game is very similar to blackjack and its basic rules are very simple.
They challenge the counter and the player, the purpose is to make a score equal or as close as possible to 9; In addition to the two main actors, the online baccarat allows spectators bettors, up to 14, to focus their chips on the hand of player or bench (pay 1: 1) or on equality (paid 8: 1).

The Baccarat online game starts with the distribution of two cards to the player and the counter.
ATTENTION: the figures are worth zero and if the sum obtained is greater than 9 to this subtracts 10 (ES 14 = 4; 18 = 8).

Of course, that's not all, the game of online baccarat then develops depending on the initial hand score, and if neither of them have reached 8 or 9 will be resorted to a third card; But to start these few notions are more than enough.

Some tips for beginners

Initially you will avoid playing yourself against the counter and you will remain more secluded among the bettors: the fun will still be guaranteed, because you can aim still your chips, and by observing the performance of the game you can slowly learn all the rules.

Once you have become expert players, finally, we advise you to try the live dealer version of the online baccarat which means real game: the counter will be held by a croupier in flesh and blood and a webcam will allow you to follow every moment of the game.

In this case, the choice of cards will not be the result of the calculation of a software, which ingested diffidence in some players, but, as in the terrestrial casinos, only of the case and luck.
.. and then good luck to Baccarat online.

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