Blackjack Live Online

Since there is the possibility of playing the Blackjack Live Online, with real table companions, Croupier and Dealer kind and helpful, the terrestrial casino star is declined. Today whoever wants to challenge the Banco to Blackjack do it mostly live online, in one of the casinos on the web.

The terrestrial casinos, therefore, had to recycle themselves in various ways: spa, wellness centers, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, live rooms connected online with players' lounges.

It is natural: when the best live blackjack in the world is available with a click directly from home, how could the terrestrial casinos survive only with the game?

The atmosphere, the buzz, the game of looks, the silence tense before the final word of the Croupier: the online mode gives anyone the wonder of the Blackjack Live

Game phases of the Blackjack Live

All certified online casinos have live live rooms with live Croupier dedicated to the most famous games: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette or Red Dog. The Blackjack Live Online usually takes place in the classic form: 8 decks from 52 cards and 5 episode positions.

  • Access the table: it is very simple: just click on the relative icon, log in and you are already sitting; This, of course, involves having an active account and registration. After being welcomed by the dealer, your name will appear high on the screen, together with that of your companions.
  • Initial episode: through simple clicks you can choose which and how many chips to aim, depending on whether the table provides a maximum roof or that the episode is free.
  • The challenge to the counter begins: the dealer immediately starts the challenge; If you have entered Round already started, you will be waiting for a few minutes. After receiving your two cards and seeing the discovery card of the dealer, you will have to make your bet. You can decide whether or not to make your cards visible to the playmates.
  • Final episode: the weather is contingent, but sufficient to weigh your choices. The icons will appear on the screen to facilitate every action: click on the chips and then on the episode area.
  • The cards are discovered: at this point the Blackjack enters its most critical and adrenaline phase. The buttons will turn on, click them according to your decisions. Card: take a card; Stay: be served; Double: double the episode, if you have a score from 9 to 15; Divide: if you have two cards of the same value; Insurance: Make sure your play in case the Croupier possesses a uncovered ace.

You and the Live Dealers The protagonists of the Live Casino show

Everything that happens during a Blackjack Live round really happens live.

When the live rooms were a novelty, the certified casinos settled ad hoc game rooms.

The game action was resumed, as well as today, from webcams positioned in every corner and in every angle; Croupier and dealers were hired from the best terrestrial mess and the most important software house technicians studied how to make the simplest and most intuitive possible interactive with the game with a click.

Today we connect directly from the most prestigious rooms that the terrestrial casinos make available to virtual gaming rooms.

The Croupier, however, increasingly often come from high -level schools and courses directly established by online casinos: they are younger, more available and much more kind than in the past.

If you are impressed by the memory of Croupier or Cold and Dealer Dealer in the terrestrial casinos forget it: the Blackjack Blackjack follows another philosophy of relationships!

You can speak, chat or ask for advice from the dealer, and to other players in truth. You can transmit your impressions, doubts or questions to him, writing messages to which they will answer in real time.

If you even want to leave a tip, if you have been happy with their conduction, clicking on the "Mancia" button.

The best Blackjack Live Where's? is the body to which the burden of certifying legal casinos in USA is entrusted; He has been working seriously for many years and his brand has been synonymous with security and seriousness. Trust his choices, therefore, and play at Blackjack Live Online only in casinos who can boast his logo on the homepage.

The Casino-Us-Online.coms are many and increasingly increase; If you miss the time or you simply don't want to visit them all here are what we think have the most beautiful live rooms dedicated to blackjack.

william hill

william hill: has two tables dedicated to Blackjack Live, both managed to perfection by cute and fascinating dealers.

One of the two is "unlimited" which means that, despite having only 5 classic positions, it accepts an unlimited number of players who can challenge the bench on the 5 positions.

William Hill's live casino is broadcast live by Lithuania, but the girls all talk about an American perfecto! Read the review william hill updated in August 2022.


Snai: Snai also converted an odei his two tables to the Blackjack Unlimited.

The reason why we point out Snai among other casino is that you can always find some interesting promotion or bonuses connected to the table.

Snai's Live Casino is broadcast live by Malta, the Mediterranean pearl.

Read the Snai Review updated in August 2022.


888: He only has a live table dedicated to Blackjack but the dealers who manage it are fabulous. The table is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
All 888 live tables are broadcast live from Turin!

The blackjack that is played live on 888 is serious, exciting and professional but with a young and intimate spirit, which differentiates it from all the others. Read the Review 888 updated in August 2022.

Allow us to close this article with one last, small advice. If you want to use a method or system to win at the Blackjack online, perhaps at least at the beginning, a classic version will be more suitable, the one in which you play with a computer and a random numerical combinations generator.

The live game has faster times and rhythms, precisely the real ones: if you are not a super expert, then, forget the statistics and calculations. The Blackjack Live is a show in the game, an event, which you can create and recreate every time you want at home, as well as, of course, a way to socialize with passionate people like you.

This is, we believe, the right spirit to taste all the pleasure of a live duel of Blackjack, where you play, chat, suffer, you hold your breath, exult and compare yourself.

If you want to learn more about the other version of the Blackjack, console the page blackjack online.

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