Blackjack Online Classico ♠

Classic blackjack is a game that, with roulette, has helped to make the history of the mess. Its prestige also continues in the era of online game; In fact, the immediately certified and legalized both the classic game and its two main variants or 21 duel and the Surrender Blackjack, making them available on all Casino-Us-Online.coms.

In our opinion, however, the classic blackjack is still the most compelling and exciting version, characterized by an incredible balance between fun and suspense, to which each addition seems superfluous and worse. The classic game, also in the certified online version, represents pure perfection.

Winning at Blackjack Classico Online

Classic online blackjack is one of the games that absolutely pays more and more easily. Today the best online casino also offer the blackjack live With a little experience and patience, in fact in the long run the win is mathematically certain. If the statement seems surprising to you and risky, we immediately tell you that it is not ours but of the researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which, after having thoroughly studied the classic Blackjack, have developed a very valid scientific system to win.

In addition, also the classic online blackjack, like all the casino games, must observe the iron law of the payout, with which it is returned to the player, in the form of winnings, more than 99% of the daily sum totally played online. These circumstances make the classic Blackjack the most profitable game in the world of Gambling.

Rules of classic online blackjack

The rules of the classic Blackjack online are very easy
As in all versions, the purpose of the game is to make 21 without bouncing, the figures are worth 10 axes 1 or 11 to the choice of the player and the other cards have their nominal value.
In the online version then exist some specific rules.

If you receive a first two cards and a cards that is worth 10, or a figure or a 10, make blackjack and win the episode twice and a half times (i.e. if you played 100 euros you receive 250) this regardless of the cards of the counter. In addition, the counter is forced to ask for paper until it has reached a total equal to or greater than 17.

Doubling and division

If after receiving two cards you want another card you can decide to double your episode before asking for card, but this technique is recommended only in a few situation.
More useful is the possibility of dividing the episode (which is then a high form of doubling).
If the first two cards you receive have the same value you can decide to divide your hand into two distinct hands by doubled your episode. Two peculiarities of the online version: if you divide two axes you can only ask for an extra card and if you receive a 10 your hand is worth 21 and not Blackjack. Online Blackjack Insurance

If the discovery card of the counter is an ace, the online casino gives you the opportunity to purchase insurance against the possibility that the Blackjack face bench. The insurance costs half of the initial episode. If you had focused 100 euros, the insurance costs you 50 euros. If the desk Blackjack, the insurance will return you 150 euros or the cost of the insurance itself and your initial episode.

How to win at the online classic blackjack

The percentage of winning (also called return to the player) is 99.53%, but we can do better: to guarantee you the victory!
In the version of the game you play with six decks, but the cards are mixed after each game, counting the cards is therefore useless.

Fortunately for you mixing the cards after each game is actually an advantage for the player, because it allows a more accurate calculation of the probability. Many of you will know the existence of a table elaborated by MIT which allows you to obtain a concrete advantage on the casino. Well you can find this updated table for online game in the in Page dedicated to the online Blackjack method Also, if you want more information on the other version of online blackjack you can read the page dedicated to Blackjack online.

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