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If you are Blackjack passionate, we highly recommend trying Blackjack Surrender online. We are sure that you will not be disappointed. Compared to Classic Blackjack version, Blackjack Surrender Online, in version, offers a variety of options such that the game is decidedly more varied, dynamic and engaging.

Blackjack Surrender online: surrender to win

Now let's see how to play, in the version available in the casinos for American online gaming fans. The purpose of the game is to totaled a value close to 21 and higher than that of the dealer, so far nothing particularly different from the classic version that many of you will know.
However, some peculiar options are available at Blackjack Surrenter.

The main one is that, as the name says, it is possible to "surrender" (surrender, in English, that is, the one who surrenders): that is, you can withdraw, losing only half of the episode made, after receiving the first two cards.

The "division" is then possible: in case you have two equal cards can be divided into two hands, making a second episode equal to the one already done. The hands are played individually, asking for paper or stopping for each of them.

If the first charter of the counter is an ace, it is also possible to enter into a "insurance", worth the value of the episode made: if the counter will make a blackjack you will receive a figure equal to the initial episode that you will therefore not lose.


Obviously the "doubling" is available to double the episode made in case you think you have a particularly lucky hand.
If you are particularly skilled, know that in the Surrender Blackjacks available on Casino-Us-Online.coms you can play, as well as on a single hand, but also on three or five hands.
In short, if you have in mind to visit a Casino, it is certainly worth trying the Surrender Blackjack. Obviously, since it is Casino, the usual guarantees of transparency and safety of the game that guarantee American players are worth.

The rules of Blackjack Surrender online

The rules of the Surrender Blackjack do not differ much from the rules of the classic Blackjack, in practice, as the name suggests, you are offered the possibility of surrendering and recovering half of the episode in case you think that you have a particularly unfortunate hand.

But let's go in order. The rules of the Blackjack Surrender Online predict that to win the bench to win, that is, that you get closer to the bench to 21, without bouncing.

The axes are worth 1 or 11, the figures all 10 and the other cards are worth what is indicated.

If the first two cards you receive are an ace and a 10 you have made blackjack and win your episode once and a half.

If the sum approaches 21 more than that of the Banco you win as much as you have aimed.

If you pass the 21 you have busted and lose the episode.

How to play

First you will have to place an initial episode. At this point the cards will be distributed, two to you and two at the bench, one of which is only one discovery.
At this point, examine the cards, you can choose one of the following options: surrender, double the episode, ask for paper, stay and see what the counter has or surrender.

The characteristic of Surrender Blackjack is precisely to be able to surrender and recover destination from the episode. If you think you have a good hand you can instead double the episode.

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Some particular cases.

For example, if the first two cards you have are the same you can divide into two separate hands, making a second episode equal to the initial episode.

The two hands are played separately.

If the first card of the counter is an ace, you can instead ensure; In this case, a sum equal to the initial episode is put in a separate mail and paid 2A1 in case the counter has a blackjack.

Rarissimally it is possible to make a string of seven cards without bouncing, in this case the rules that you win automatically, regardless of the counter.

The theoretical percentage of return to the player is very high and open to 99.51%. The strategies of this game are quite complex, to simplify a lot: ask for paper if you have less than eight, stop from 17 upwards.

All version of online blackjack

Among the versions of online blackjack, the live version is the most popular. In fact, many players prefer to play with live Croupier. But be careful, given the short time you have to bet it is more difficult to put in practice tricks and strategies. Read more about the available versions of the Blackjack online.

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