Strategies that do not work at blackjack ♠

On the sites specialized in gambling we often read articles relating to to win the blackjack, but what are the strategies that do not work at blackjack?. This differs from games such as slot machines, in which fortune is only lucky. In Blackjack, knowledge of the game is required and a certain component of skill Expert players are also able to implement strategies that can increase their chances of winning.

The most used strategies in Blackjack are those based on CARD COURTE These strategies require a lot of training And they have a great flaw: they cannot be used in online casinos.

The explanation is very simple. The strategies based on the counting of the cards aim to understand, based on the cards already released which remain in the deck, to focus accordingly. In online casinos there are blackjack tables that resemble the real ones, but here the counting of the cards would not make sense.

The reason lies in the fact that In each hand the deck is "reset", and it is as if it were a new deck, so it doesn't make sense to count the cards. All and strategies such as hi lo, hi opt and the like in online casinos are destined to fail.

Strategies that do not work at Blackjack

Among the strategies often proposed in the players' forums or on specialized sites, there are some that instead of increasing, they reduce the player's successes. The reason lies in the fact that based on certain strategies, the player does not focus on the game and makes wrong choices, even in favorable hands.

One of the strategies that do not work at the Breskjack is the one called "Never Bust". This expression in American can be translated with the phrase "never busted". In normal behavior, with a hand with points from 12 to 16, the player should ask for a card.

If, on the other hand, this strategy will not have to be applied Never ask for paper if you have 12 or more, to avoid the risk of busing The reasoning behind this strategy suggests that if you play in order to avoid busting, it will be more likely to see the bench boster. This system is not recommended both in live game and in online blackjack. At the statistical level, applying it makes you win much less than to play Blackjack normally.

If we are not convinced we can test this strategy by playing a demo version, without real money. For example, we do 50 games by applying this strategy and 50 by playing normally and thinking. Then we pull the sums.

Imitate the dealer and the players

Another strategy that does not work at the Blackjack is called "Imita the dealer". As the name suggests, it requires the player to imitate the bench behavior. This strategy is intended for bankruptcy because blackjack, like all casino games, guarantees an advantage at the counter If the bench behaviors are imitated, it is therefore likely to find yourself with a discreet series of negative results. The bench also has a certain advantage also insured by the rules of the game.

Likewise counterproductive is the strategy of imitating the other players, that will lead us to play without considering our cards. For example, if the player before us totals 21, we must not insist on making the same result. Our goal is to beat the counter and not the other players. If we base ourselves on that 21 we will risk getting busy and we will probably lose.
The latter two strategies are intended for bankruptcy because they make our behaviors are not based on the cards but on irrelevant factors.

Even the player who completely relies on instinct makes such an error. Do not engage in the game and have no strategy when making decisions, hoping for good luck, will not bring positive results.

Use insurance

il Blackjack online It offers the possibility of the insurance that is lost in case it reduces the damage, but only if the bench does Blackjack. This tool is a double -edged sword and use it will not help us win. Let's explain ourselves better. If we use insurance and the counter wins without totaling 21, we lose both the episode and the cost of the insurance. If we use insurance and win the hand, we will certainly be happy because we have won, but we have to remove the money for insurance at the win.

These will go to the counter. The only positive case is that We use insurance and the bench does Blackjack Only on this occasion will insurance be positive for the player, but this option is less likely than the other two. So a strategy to lose less is not to use insurance or do it very sparingly.

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