Bonus on the first deposit

Almost all legal online casinos in USA offer new members a bonus on the first deposit. This type of bonus falls within the welcome promotions, which all game sites now offer to new users.

To realize how popular this type of promotions are, you just need to take a look at the home page of the various Generally the Welcome Bonus are shown in the upper part of the page, in plain sight.

Not infrequently, the Welcome bonus represents The element that determines the choice of an online casino rather than another. For this reason it is useful to understand what are the characteristics of the bonuses on the first deposit and how they work.

What are the first deposit bonuses

The first deposit bonuses are a form of promotion dedicated only to who enrolls in a site for the first time This is assigned after completing the registration form and validating the account by sending an identity document. In no case can you be assigned a Welcome Bonus if you already have an active account on a certain site.

To prevent a player from registering with a casino only to take the bonus and then go away, these promotions provide a series of rules. The first deposit bonus will be credited to the game account, in the form of Fun Bonus.

This means that if you try to withdraw it, you will not succeed. In fact, first you will have to convert it into real bonus In practice it means that you can use the bonus to play casino games; By doing it you can unlock the bonus and transform it into payable money.

The characteristics of the bonuses

Each bonus is accompanied by terms and conditions that clearly explain the requirements to be met and indicate its characteristics. In fact, all the bonuses on the first deposit will be characterized by:

  • Percentage with respect to the deposit
  • Maximum limit
  • Expiration date
  • Episode requirements
  • List of games on which it can be used

The elements inserted in this list are essential to understand What kind of bonuses you will receive and how you can take it.

An example of the first deposit bonuses

Let's take a practical example to understand the mechanisms that are hidden behind this type of promotion. Suppose that the casino offers a bonus on the first deposit of 100%, up to $ 500, with 30x episode requirements and one week deadline.

In this case you will receive a fun Bonus equal to 100% of your first deposit, so if deposits $ 100, you will get another 100 in bonuses. The Massimo roof tells you that even if you deposit $ 1000 the highest bonus you can receive will be $ 500.

As for the Episode requirements 30x, these indicate how many times you will have to play the bonus in order to be able to transform it into a withdrawable money. These are also indicated with the term playthrough.

So returning to our 100 $ of bonuses, you will have to play them 100 × 30 times to be able to unlock them. In figures it means that you will have to have a game volume of 3000 $, within the deadline, that is 7 days.

In terms and conditions it is also indicated The list of games on which the bonus and their contribution percentage can be spent. If a game contributes 100% it means that $ 1 played is worth $ 1 in reaching the Playthrough.

How to choose the bonuses

If you are not online casino and bonus expert, these mechanisms will be able to appear quite complicated. It is essential, that before subscribing to a site only to receive a nice welcome bonus, you stop for a moment to do some calculations. Only in this way can you understand If the budget you have available It is suitable for redeeming the bonus.

In fact, it may happen that a very generous bonus requires a game volume that exceeds your possibilities. The risk is not being able to unlock it by the expiry date. In this case it is better to settle for a bonus on the first deposit of a smaller amount, or of a No deposit bonus.

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