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The Live Casino in USA are easy and safe. Here you will find the best legal online casinos with the live version, you can play with live Croupier at Roulette, Blackjack and Casino classics.

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125% 500$ 35x Website
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100% 1.000$ 20x Website
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10% sul Live
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Live casino 🎦 August 2022

Bonus: 100%
up to $ 500 PLAYTRHOUGH: 35x

Bonus: 100%
up to $ 1,000 PLAYTRHOUGH: 20x

50 +200 Giri
Bonus: 100%
up to $ 1,000 PLAYTRHOUGH: 35x

Unlimited turns 10 laps each
10 $ deposited
up to $ 200 50% are slot
10% sul Live

For those who love traditional casinos, i casinò Casino-Us-Online live, they are a comfortable option to satisfy the desire for play, without the need to move from your own home. Playing a casino, you will have the impression of being in a real room of a traditional casino.

iundefinedcasinò live, offer a game mode which, despite being remotely, is realized live, with the presence of a real Croupier! For those who do not like classic games to play alone, and managed by software, i they represent an excellent alternative.

Play in casinò online It will lead to experience the same emotions as a real gambling room. Beautiful croupier, or game professionals, will give you a complete and satisfactory experience: and then Nothing is going well, start playing!

Frequent questions

Currently the best live casinos are those of Snai, digital game and Betway. All with Evolution Gaming and Playtech games.

In live version you will find the classic casino games, such as roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hol’dem, Baccarat. But also fun live shows such as Dream Catcher, Football Studio and Monopoly Live.

Live casinos offer live game with real Croupier. These are connected live streaming and offer the game as if you were in a real casino.

Yes, in the rooms of the live casino it is possible to interact with the Croupier in real time thanks to the live chat. The Croupier will also be able to communicate with the players to talk to him directly.

Yes, many casinos offer a welcome bonus without immediate deposit to be used in the live casino. Often this Welcome is flanked by the one dedicated to the traditional online casino.

iundefinedCasino Online Arms They offer game of gambling at a distance are increasingly popular in our country. There is no doubt about the safety of these platforms, thanks to the controls imposed by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. More and more players delight in their favorite games, after choosing the platform that most satisfies their needs.

The offer of New online casino It is so large and varied, that those who approach this world for the first time can be confused. But a tour of the various platforms is enough to realize that there are offers for every need. In addition, all sites with logo guarantee a complete range of games, and at the same time safe.

Competition between American operators e Foreign online casinos, guarantees the game enthusiasts a great choice. In addition, bonuses and promotions can make the gaming experience with even more funny distance.

However, many do not like the way of solitary use that online games impose. THE New casinos They are committing to respond to this type of need. In fact, almost all operators offer a section dedicated to casinò live, in which it will be possible to choose between various games in live mode.

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casino live

For those who have never had this experience, try playing with a Croupier live It will certainly be a very particular experience, which in many ways will be able to experience what you feel in a real casino, when you sit at a game table.

The player, after accessing a certain room of a casino live, he will see a fascinating croupier appear on his screen, intent on managing the game.

Whether it's a Blackjack table, or a roulette, the Dealer will carry on the various operations, and the player will be able to decide to aim, joining the game, and witnessing all phases thanks to the cameras.

While seeing the room and the game table, the player will remain invisible in the eyes of others, in the privacy of his own location.

The best online casinos focus a lot on this game mode. In fact, the live game has much more in common, also from the point of view of the operating mechanisms, with the traditional game, compared to the remote game non live.

The first casino liveCasino-Us-Online.comundefinedinundefinedItalia was 888, who decided to act as a pioneer in this world, offering this game mode for the first time in our country. 888 was followed by many others American casinos And foreigners.

Live games in new online casinos

iundefinedcasinò live online They offer several games in their live section. Obviously there are games that more than others lend themselves to live mode. In general we can say that they are all those who would be managed by a Croupier in a traditional casino. All those games that instead, even in the terrestrial casinos do not require a live dealer, such as slot machines.

Usually the Live casino offer different versions of the same game, the most popular are available 24 hours a day. The best Live casino also offer the possibility to follow our favorite dealer. The only one of the Live casinos Snai It even sends an SMS when our favorite Croupier is online.

But here is a rundown of the most popular games that we find in live mode, in Safe online casino.

Live Blackjack

This card game is very popular in the Live casinos, since it requires a mixture of skill and luck. But if in the remote version, the player is in front of only one screen, in the Casino Live version he will be able to relive the emotions of a real green table.

The Croupier that distributes the cards, and that will await the player's decisions.
Try to do 21, perhaps asking for another card, deciding whether to stay or double, making decisions in real time. All this today is possible in live mode!

Live Roulette

Generally i casinò Casino-Us-Online live They propose several roulette tables, to allow the player to choose their favorite version of this game.

From the French, to the European or the American one, to the various pro or themed versions, to finish in the Double Ball versions.

Saying "roulette" is equivalent to saying "casino". Nothing recalls the atmospheres of the real gaming rooms like the launch of a ball on the wheel that runs and the wait that stops on its lucky number.

In the live tables you can attend the game by making an idea of the trend of the episodes. In fact, the statistics that are displayed on the screen, and allow us to improve our chances. Thanks to the different cameras present, you will follow the path of the ball live. When the Croupier stops will announce the winning number, distributing the prizes.

Live will bow

It is a card game with French origins, in which the goal is to obtain a score as close as possible to 9.
Players must choose whether to focus on the victory of the player or the counter, or on the tie. Guaranteed emotions with episodes paid up to 8 to 1

Live Poker

Lot of casinò live Casino-Us-Online.comThey propose poker and its variants in the live tables. Popular Texas Hold'em, also in special versions. In these versions of poker instead of playing against other players, you bet against the counter.

The goal, of course, is to beat the Croupier on duty. Three -cards poker is also widespread. If you take a ride in the Live casinos, you will notice how Roulette and Blackjack are the most popular games.

If a platform offers live games, it will not fail to offer these two games. But there are also other games that are gradually becoming more popular. Certainly there will be new proposals in the future, considering that it is a sector in constant evolution.
For those looking for their favorite casino, the presence or absence of the live section can be a decisive factor.

The only thing to pay attention to the time of registration is the fact that often the Welcome bonus of the casino They are not playable in live games. In almost all cases, in fact, they can only be exploited on normal online casino games.

So if you choose a casino with the aim of playing exclusively live, it will be good to collect all the information relating to the spectability of the bonuses.

Play Live Casino with live Croupier and Live Dealer

The presence of a live croupier, which in most cases is a beautiful girl, is certainly one of the elements that make the difference between the online version of a game and the live version.

iundefinedonline casino which offer live game rooms, they are very attentive to the selection of the dealers, that is the managers of the game. As in traditional territorial casinos, the people who work in the game rooms are very prepared professionals, who lead the game impeccablely.

The selected croupier or croupier, in addition to being professionals of the trade, have a very well -kept appearance, and very pleasant to the sight, which never hurts.

Beautiful girls wearing the elegant (and sexy) casino uniform. The girls manage the game, carrying out the various phases, accepting the episodes and conversing, in the manner provided, in real time with the players.

For example, those who have decided to aim at the roulette table will have the opportunity to communicate with the Croupier through a live chat.

The dealer located in the room will have the right to answer questions or in any case to interact with the players. This occurs both through one's own item and through chat mode.

Live casino are like terrestrial casinos

But that's not all, the classic solitude of the remote player, in the live game halls of the online casino, fails. In fact, in the Live casino, as well as communicating with the Croupier it will be possible to chat with the other players in the same room. In short, the Live casino are just like the terrestrial casinos with a great comfort: everything happens in our house!

And so as you dedicate yourself to the game, you can entertain relationships with other players, who, like us, are sitting comfortably on their armchairs. All this without getting lost any important aspect thanks to the webcams that propose the various angles and close views of the table.

All you need is to subscribe to a casinò Casino-Us-Online live, and a high -speed Internet connection. With broadband it is no longer necessary to go to San Remo!

List of live games in online casinos

As we have already mentioned, i casino live Bests offer a live section, which includes the most popular games, such as Roulette and Blackjack, but there are other possibilities. We are talking about variants in all the sauces of these two games, and other proposals that will be able to satisfy all lovers of live games.

Here is a list of live games that can be found in casinò live :

  • The classic French roulette
  • The American version of the roulette
  • European roulette
  • blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Speed Baccarat
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Three cards poker
  • Dream catcher/wheel of luck

Lot of casino live They dedicate conspicuous investments to live games, proposing even imaginative variants of the most popular ones. In some live sections, you will be spoiled for the choice between the wide range of roulette or blackjack offers. There is no lack of thematic tables, which are inspired by games, sagas or events. For example, those created on the occasion of the football world championships in Russia, with football theme.

Live casino are safe even when playing with live croupier

The American online casinos that offer live game are obviously authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency and have the regular concession to offer gambling in USA.

The games in live mode are subjected to the same checks as the other games, and must have the approval of the AMS.

Many players often advance doubts that live games are made up. Those who nourish suspicions about this game mode, do not trust the eye of the camera. Or rather variations from one room to another that somehow could, through bold montages, or changes of shots, allow to modify, and therefore make up, the progress of the game.

In reality it is precisely the presence of multiple cameras, which makes the game live almost safer in live game. When you find yourself physically sitting at a table or by blackjack or at a roulette table in a real casino, you only have your eyes available that allow you to observe the scene from a single point of view.

The moment you enter a live game room, on an online casino, the different eyes of the high definition cameras, allow views that in reality they would be impossible. You can thus carefully observe the entire table, and keep an eye on the Croupier without losing sight of any detail.

Luck in the Live casino

We can certainly say that playing in casinò live, is much more similar to that of traditional casinos, than to the online consideration.

Let's take an example to clarify this concept. Let's take a classic online roulette in this case the game is regulated by a software, in turn based on an algorithm that generates the result that the player will see on the screen after his episode.

If, on the other hand, we take a live version of the roulette, in this case the result of the game will be determined by the real rotation of the ball. At a certain point, according to the laws of physics, the ball will stop on a number. It is therefore true randomness, while in the case of an online roulette not live, the randomness is that generated by a computer program.

The functioning of the Live Roulette is therefore identical to that of a real roulette that is located in a traditional casino. The roulette instead of being in a casino, is in a created television study to this To provide this experience to players from all over USA.

All those who accuse the games of the games of being made up and of promoting the counter, should consequently have much more confidence in the live versions of the various games, in which everything takes place in front of the eyes of the players, with real tools, such as roulette, The cards, etc., and not with IT programs and algorithms.

Best online casino with live games

In the large panorama of online casino available in our country it can be difficult to make a choice.

If the live game mode is the one that fascinates the most, a quick look at the live sections of the best online casinos, it will be able to offer the choice for one casino rather than another.

We are obviously talking about casino with regular AMS license, the only ones who offer legal and safe game in USA.

Offering a high -level live experience, involves high costs for the various operators. In fact, special television studies must be prepared, with cameras that broadcast in high resolution, and that are available 24 hours a day. To these costs, those of the staff are added: we are talking about professional Croupier, who are active at any time of the day.

Just like online casinos, Live casinos are always open. This is another element that makes the use of this type of game, preferable to the one that takes place at a territorial level.

As we have already said, therefore, the most popular platforms, seek, each on the basis of their own means, to offer a live experience that is satisfactory from all points of view. Starting from the aesthetic one: each Live casino pays particular attention to this aspect, with a careful selection of the Croupier and Croupier.

Ecco The best Live casino:

william hill

The English gambling house is theThe only Live casino to offer a specific bonus for live games. With the first game of $ 10 you receive a bonus of $ 5.
But let's see it in detail. Just access the Platform's Casno Live section and click on "Participate", in the section dedicated to promotion. You must therefore open one of the tables from Blackjack or Live Roulette available, and playing $ 10 you will receive $ 5 of bonuses per day. The maximum of $ 25 total can be accumulated, for the games that are made during the promotion period.

Each game is counted from the moment in which the promotion is accepted, and is valid until midnight on the same day.
To reach the minimum episode for the purpose of obtaining the bonus, all the games with real money will be considered, which are made in the Casino Casino section. The value of the bonus, to be taken, must be played at least once.


The platform Snai It offers a nice welcome bonus, no deposit, at the time of registration, equal to $ 15

  • Sports betting have a bonus of 5 $
  • The blue casino games have a bonus of 5 $
  • Green online slots have a bonus of 5 $

These no deposit bonuses allow you to try the wide offer of games and bets present on Snai, except, however, of the live section of the casino. Each bonus can be used in its specific section. Do not forget that being a game bonus, it will be converted into real bonus, with a betting requirements of 10x, within 24 hours from the moment the bonus is assigned.


At the moment the platform offers a no deposit bonus, of $ 5.
Inlotre, the Welcome Bonus provides for the possibility of playing also in the Live Casino section to reach the bet requirements. Here are the characteristics of the EuroBet welcome bonus. Based on the amount of the first deposit after registration, the bonus equivalent will be obtained in a certain percentage.

  • For deposits up to $ 100, the bonus will be 25%, with a maximum roof of $ 25 and 60x play requirements.
  • By depositing from 101 to $ 300, the bonus will be 50%, up to $ 150, with playing requirements of 50x.
  • For deposits greater than $ 301, the bonus will be 100% of the deposit. Up to a maximum of $ 1000 with playing requirements 40 x.

In achieving the bet requirements, all slot-matchins contribute to 100%, while the roulette, including the Roulette of the Live casino contribute to 10%.

Best European and foreign online casinos

The best European casinos who have the authorization to offer gambling in USA, offer their live section.

The offer of sites with a regular license from the Customs and Monopolies Agency is so large that it would be stupid, by the American players, to get around the law and turn to foreign casinos, without license to operate in USA.

For those who are not satisfied with American operators, the European casino with logo are many. Almost everyone proposes a live sections to an increasingly demanding audience.

Malta the cradle of online casino

It will be easy to find casinò Casino-Us-Online live based in Malta, for instance. In fact, in the Mediterranean state bureaucracy state is oriented to make the life of the companies that work in the world of online gaming easy.
These sites are perfectly legal in our country, as they have the concession. These offer American players all the guarantees of security and protection of Made in USA casino and can be defined as Casino Live.

For the casino series that are based in Malta, we find for example staercasinò. Starcasinò has a large section of Live casino divided into board games, roulette and blackjack. Another Live casino based in Malta is Starvegas. The latter has a live section with 27 rooms between roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

William Hill, based in Gibraltar, and traditionally known for bets, offers 4 rooms in the Live casino. Bwin Austrian company with registered office in USA, offers in the Casino Live section, in addition to the most popular games, also the Banco Punto, the three -card poker and the wheel of luck.

These are just some of the foreign casinos that offer legal gambling in USA.

Check that you are on a Live casino

When you go on the homepage of a European or foreign casino, the presence of the AMS logo will first be controlled.

This is the only way to be sure that it is a site that operates according to the rules and offers games in compliance with the laws of our country.

Once it is ascertained that this is the case, you can open your gaming account and take advantage of the live offer made by these platforms.

They are generally very competitive and tend to always offer the best of the technology and novelties of the world of gaming to fans of the game of our country.

Playing in online casinos with no deposit bonuses

For the lovers of the game, the favorite platforms are undoubtedly those of the online casino con Bonus without immediate deposit These bonuses allow, to those who can do it, to take advantage of the homage received at the time of registration to make it fruit and constitute a nice base for future played.

Many casinos offer bonuses that are not playable in live sections, others, including william hill, propose their own bonuses to play in live games.

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