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Today online casinos for Mac are widespread. If first possessing a computer supported by the Mac operating system developed by Apple, it was a serious problem for online casino fans, today things are different.
In fact, he seemed to think that the production companies of Software per Casino Online such as Playtech, Microgaming, Netten and others, had solutions that would allow you to play at the online casino on the Mac.
It was in fact a big mistake of marketed and strategy. In reality, however, if we go back to the period in which the casino software were in the gestation phase and bring the game to the web seemed to many madness, everything acquires a sense.

Initially, the online casinos were downloaded and were compatible only with the Windows system that was more widespread.

Of course, over time, this limit has emerged, also because the Mac market is expanding. Today Mac is not only for graphic designers and visual arts, but many people simply prefer this type of product. Read the casino list To choose the casino that's right for you.

The faithful Apple

Today fans of the Mac operating system are increasingly numerous, such as those of online casinos yesterday almost did not exist.

The Mac operating system, despite being very expensive and at first glance a little complicated, has undeniable advantages: it is safer from virus and hackers attacks; It is lighter and presents all the programs to draw, write, listen to music and others as standard.

The most famous best seller in the world "Fifty shades of gray" (there is no woman in the world who would seem to have not read it) has made the Mac a brazen advertisement, pounding until the annoying is bordering on. Therefore, there will be no surprise if next Christmas millions of American women will demand the Mac as a gift!

Initial incompatibility with online casinos

This limit in the offer of online casino put in difficulty the potential players in possession of a Machintosh computer, if attracted by the world of online casino, both for the difficult availability and for the scarcity of the available options.

Since the installation of online casino installation had not been designed for Apple computers, the difficulties of the Mac user concerned the availability of a compatible online casino.

Finally, of course, the solution was found, and somewhat simple.

In short, the Mac operating system can make us do everything with the computer, but 'can we play at the with the Mac'?

Il Problem solving: usa i casino in FLASH!

For the player who owns a Mac and wants to play with the games offered by online casinos, his game mode will be in flash. In fact, this mode allows you to take advantage of all the advantages guaranteed by virtual rooms and by bypass the problems of incompatibility.

Don't worry about the next deactivation of Adobe Flash. All online casinos are transferring the slot machine flash Su HTML5

The online casino for Apple is the one in the HTML5 version

Which is what is HTML5?
HTML5 is the evolution of HTML language which has always been used to program web pages.

When it comes to HTML5, generally we mean the whole of the actual HTML5, the CSS3 code and the Javascript. As a whole, these technologies supplant the use of Adobe Flash.

Today those who own a macintosh can play at the The software house worked to recover the lost time and give roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines, and all the other games to those who preferred Mac and Apple to Windows and Bill Gates.

There are two ways to play at Casino with the Mac:

1) Use Windows on the Mac, be careful: it is cumbersome and also expensive because it is necessary to buy the Windows operating system from Microsoft. However, those who want to do it will be able to start the Mac hard disk through the boot camp and load Windows. At this point, every time he turns on the computer, he can choose which operating system to start.

2) Much simpler and cheaper, on the other hand, is to use the Flash or HTML5 instant variant that all casino possess. This variant allows you to play directly from the site, without therefore downloading any software, thus around the root the problem of incompatibility.

The second solution is the best currently existing to connect to the casino and is also very satisfactory! The flash version, and the one in HTML5, offer respectable performances, the games of any casino can be fully enjoyed.

Of course, the download of the software allows you to fully appreciate any graphic and sound refinement but also the HTML5 technology is increasingly refining. It is also possible to play real money using the HTML5 and Flash version of the casino on Mac because it allows the registration of the account and the management of the player account.

How to play online casinos for Mac

For the non -expert user, attracted by online games but at the same time discouraged by an apparent double difficulty in access due to the well -known incompatibility, we report some simple indications to follow to be able to play at the online casino for Mac.

The first step is certainly to look for an online casino that offers its customers the opportunity to play in flash.

Once the casino from which it is possible to play directly from the browser is identified, simply click on the button that reports the wording "Flash casino" and wait for the few seconds necessary so that the casino is loaded inside the browser window.

Tips on browsers to use

There is no doubt, the best browser to play online is Firefox.

Safari and Chrome seem to do their best in order not to make us play; especially for free versions. The free versions of the slots, for example, are only available the flash, and activating them with Chrome is very complicated, while with Firefox, bst click OK!

The online casino that best suits the needs of the Mac user

The needs of the Mac user are the same as they direct the choices of any player; It is therefore good to consider the most advantageous bonuses, the most convenient winning percentages, the quality of the graphics, which for a Mac user will certainly be an important and, fundamental factor, that the online casino for Mac chosen is a mess authorized Condition, the latter, which automatically guarantees the others.

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