Safe online casino in Switzerland

The theme of online casinos safe in Switzerland affects many Americans, who live or work on Swiss land. Switzerland is bordering USA, and it is easy to access legal online casinos in USA from the various cantons. Nonetheless, The legal casinos here are not beyond the border, not even in the American canton.

We know that the casino are safe and certified, but each European state has its own rules on gambling, and Switzerland is no exception. Here the law establishes different things for online gambling sites. Let's discover safe online casinos in Switzerland.

There are safe online casinos in Switzerland, only since 2019

For decades, the American lovers of the game have moved a few kilometers beyond the border to go to play in Switzerland. Their favorite destination was undoubtedly champion of USA, with its casino, on American territory outside the border.

Apart from this specific case, Switzerland has always been highly appreciated by tourists for the over 20 traditional legal casinos scattered in all cantons. With the spread of online gambling, the situation has changed. In fact, the number of those who travel to go to traditional casinos has drastically reduced.

Today Americans have over 200 certified legal casinos they can access without moving from their home. On a distance game of gambling, Switzerland has moved with a lot of delay compared to USA. In fact, until 2019 there was no regulation of online gambling in Switzerland. For many citizens the only way of playing online was to use American sites.

Safe online casinos in Switzerland today

Starting from 1 January 2019, the game of gambling has also been regulated in Switzerland. But there are some very precise and severe rules. As in USA, safe online casinos in Switzerland must have a regular license. This is assigned by the Federal Council.

The other feature of the Safe Swiss online casinos that these must have a location on site.

Most safe online casinos in Switzerland are connected to already existing traditional casinos. In fact, the law that imposes that operators must have A registered office in Switzerland benefited from existing casinos.

This rule, not surprisingly, aimed at Protect traditional gaming houses from the competition of online casino So on the regulation of the game of gambling at a distance, Switzerland proved to be very protectionist.

List of Safe Swiss online casino

The online gambling sector regulated in Switzerland is therefore quite young and probably in the future there will be changes. In this first phase, however, the old casinos are the masters. These operators first got the licenses to create safe online casino in Switzerland.

Here is a list of the first assigned licenses:

  • Casino di Lugano
  • Casino di Bern
  • Baden casino
  • Pfäffikon casino
  • Davos casino
  • Interlaken casino
  • Casino di Meyrin

On these sites, Swiss citizens, and Americans residing in Switzerland, will be able to play slot and casino games legally with all the security guarantees. To play in USA, see the Liste Casino Arms.

The phenomenon of illegal azarus

In addition to Safe online casino, in Switzerland and can also access illegal sites. It can be sites like casinos which are not dangerous in themselves, but are not legal for Swiss citizens.

But it can also be scamming sites, which put personal data and money of the players at risk.

The body that controls the game in Switzerland is called CFCG - Federal Commission of Game Houses, and deals with identifying illegal sites Once discovered, these are blocked and inserted in a black list accessible to the public.

The herable sector is one of those in which each state does its own rules. The only way to play safely is to respect the rules of the state in which you live.

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