Casino Vip August 2022

It is common practice among the Legal online casino to propose casino VIP who offer players exclusive advantages and privileged treatments. Have you ever wanted to enter a real mess, cross the hall with the slot machines and direct you to the luxurious and confidential rooms? Well now you can also do it while sitting on the sofa at home.

Indeed The VIP casino is the online consideration of the reserved rooms and the Privé of traditional casinos The good news is that if you love the online game you too can access you and receive first -class treatment. Let's find out how VIP casinos work and what the best American online casinos to registered players offer.

The best VIP casino compared August 2022





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As far as


50 Giri
1% On the play
500$ 1x Website
Planetwin 365 review
125% 500$ 35x Website
Review 888 Casino
370 Giri 100% 500$ 35x Website
Digital Game Review
100% 1.000$ 20x Website
Snai Review
50 Giri 200 Giri 100% 1.000$ 35x Website
Levegas review

casino VIP August 2022

50 Giri PLAYTRHOUGH: 35x
Bonus: 1%
up to $ 500 On the play

Bonus: 100%
up to $ 500 PLAYTRHOUGH: 35x

370 Giri
Bonus: 100%
up to $ 500 PLAYTRHOUGH: 35x

Bonus: 100%
up to $ 1,000 PLAYTRHOUGH: 20x

50 +200 Giri
Bonus: 100%
up to $ 1,000 PLAYTRHOUGH: 35x

What are the VIP casinos

Imagine taking a scheduled flight, well the Casino Vip is the first class that is hidden behind the curtain. Like travelers who enjoy comfortable armchairs, large spaces and deluxe treatments, players who are part of the Vip Club will receive privileged treatment.

Few can enter the Salle Blanche of the Montecarlo casino, easier to access the online VIP casinos.

Generally VIP casinos are dedicated to those who practice online game constantly, and sometimes to those who are defined high rollers, that is, strong players.

The privileges and bonuses offered in the VIP casino change as the vary of Casino Online Arms, but also within the same club, there will be differences. In fact, most of the VIP casino work with a mechanism based on climbing levels playing and accumulating points At each level the advantages that will be reserved for you increase.

The advantages of the VIP casinos

As you can easily imagine, each site offers specific advantages to players who are part of the VIP casinos. The goal is to cuddle in a special way the most assiduous players, and this can be done in many ways.

However, you can identify some General trends that are applied in all VIP clubs.

Generally, for example, players who are part of it receive Special assistance by a personal account manager You can have a dedicated team or a direct connection to the support section.

Almost all the Vip Clubs are based on the accumulation of points and the overcoming of the levels, which is rewarded With gifts and bonuses. Discover everything on the online casino bonuses, read the page dedicated to bonus casino online.

The prizes offered by VIP casinos

Among the most popular prizes in the VIP casinos are Free bonus to play at the casino e toothbrushes to be converted into real prizes Among these you can have tickets for exclusive events or Sports, dinners, luxury experiences, travel.

Very often among the bonuses offered there is also privileged access In tournaments, reserved games, or exclusive rooms live.
In addition, some casinos moderate the prizes and advantages based on the tastes of the players. In this case, the more you games, expressing your preferences, the more the advantages you can have will be cut on your needs.

How to access VIP casinos

The methods of access to VIP casinos vary from operator operator. On many sites, to join the VIP casino, just register and open an account Starting to play it will automatically become part of the club.

The various advantages will be recognized and assigned as points are collected. In this case, the VIP casino is a bit the equivalent of the loyalty card of a supermarket. Those who own it will receive discounts, advantages and prizes.

In other mess, on the other hand, you have to choose to enter the VIP casino, with a special registration On other sites again, The entry to the Vip Club is an exclusive offer only to certain players.

These are selected and ed personally. Only those who receive the invitation can enter the club.
Below we offer you a roundup of the VIP casino offered by some of the best American operators. For each, the characteristics, methods of access and advantages will be indicated.

Personalized Wagering Casino Vip

Among the advantages reserved for members of the VIP casino there is also the personalized wagkering The casino can decide to propose special bonus players accompanied by Most advantageous betting requirements.

In fact, as you can imagine, since it is a benefit, these requirements will be lower than usual. In this way, those in the Vip Club besides benefiting from the promotion, will be able to unlock the bonus faster.

Personalized wagkering is a tool that allows you to refine the offer and benefits of the Vip Club more. And it is a huge advantage, given that it has to do with the main bonus constraint.

Also to have the best bets will also have the effect of confirm the position of the shareholder inside the club In fact, a customized Wagkering will help you achieve new game goals, collecting relative prizes and advanced by further level.

Personal account manager

Another advantage that the casino dedicate to those who enter the Vip Club is the personal account manager. In the previous paragraphs we made a parallel between the first class of a flight and the Vip Club. Well if departure and destination are the same as the other passengers, the travel comfort will be very different.

The personal VIP Manager will provide preferential ways in case of problems and will be ready to solve all the needs of the player.

You can the VIP Manager through direct numbers or s, also to get advice and information on games. This figure will be Your trusted person Inside the casino, who knows your preferences and characteristics. In many Vip Clubs, the dedicated manager is obtained immediately, in others it is an advantage reserved only for the highest levels.

In addition, VIP Manager can offer services of Concierge, similar to those offered by the mythical American Express Black. Obviously these services are reserved for higher loyalty levels.

Casino with the best customer service August 2022
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Casino with the best customer service August 2022
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3 Snai ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅
4 Leovec ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅

Special bonuses for users Casino Vip

We mentioned the fact that those who enter the Vip Club of a casino will be reserved for special bonuses. It is worth deepening this topic, since that of the bonuses is one of the most appreciated benefits by all players.

In fact, VIP players will in fact be dedicated Personalized bonuses which offer more advantages or conditions better than the generic bonuses. As you can imagine, since it is a bonuses dedicated to an elite of strong players, they will require substantially played volumes. But at the same time they will have a advantageous wagering And they will ensure advantages from true VIP.

Generally the casino study two types of offers, in relation to Bonus -related prizes Those that lead to further advantages and level advancements on the casino. Or real gifts, which can be collected outside the virtual world. In addition, some Vip Clubs have a catalog of exclusive prizes that can be chosen on the basis of the score/level reached.

Planetwin365 Casino Vip

Planetwin365 Casino Vip ha tantissime promozioni dedicate ai giocatori costanti, con eventi speciali, tornei con classifiche e premi finali. Basta fare un giro nella sezione dei bonus, per trovare divertenti promo, come i tornei di slot, di game show. E ancora bonus per gli skill games, lotterie, spin& win.

In particular, if you are a lover of the cards this is the right site. In fact the promotions program of Planetwin365 Casino Vip includes one Casino Vip Club dedicated to poker players It is a VIP club that provides 5 levels that are based on the number of monthly VIP points. Tali punti si accumulano partecipando a Tornei, Sit& GO e Spin& Win, o anche ai tavoli cash game. I livelli da scalare sono 5: Principiante, Intermedio, Pro, Maestro, Leggenda. I punti possono essere convertiti in token o cash bonus. Leggi la planetwin365 review.

Planetwin365 Mobile Casino VIP

The mess Planetwin 365 dedicates a special VIP program to all those who decide to play from mobile devices. The operator's goal is to also promote the game in motion through portable devices.

How to access Planetwin365 Mobile Casino VIP? Simple you just have to open a game account on Planetwin. After that every time you play tablet and smartphone to Planetwin365 Casino Mobile you can have access to gifts and prizes.

The advantages of the game on Planet Casino Vip Mobile are different. With the planetwin365 app version, in fact you will benefit from the same bonuses dedicated to those who play as a desktop.
In addition, you will get free laps on the slot machines selected every day and other advantages dedicated only to those who play using mobile applications. Our review of Planet Win 365 è Complete and updated in August 2022.

888 Club

888 offers a VIP Casino potentially open to all members. In fact, to be part of it, just open a game account on 888. After that when you play it starts to accumulate valid points for the'888Club.

Being part of this club is very funny, since for each type of game there are some missions to be completed Such missions put points off, and by accumulating them you can climb the numerous levels of the club.

As you get on the level, you will be entrusted with New missions, overcoming which you will get prizes in gold tokens. Golden tokens can be used to play for free, or they can be converted into prizes.

In addition, every month to the members of the Casino Vip Club are offered Freeroll reserved with rich prize pools at stake. On August 1, 2022 we updated the Review 888, discover the latest promotions.

Casino Vip Digital Game

Among the most interesting Vip Clubs, we point out that of the casino Digital game This club is really exclusive, in fact you can only access it by invitation And it offers very interesting advantages. Among the benefits there are some of those we have already mentioned. Personal account manager, which can also be ed via WhatsApp, The measure Bonus In addition, there is also a personalized Cassa service, which reduces the timing of credit and withdrawal.

In addition, members will be able to participate in reserved events organized by the casino. In addition to these advantages that will make life as a much more fun and comfortable player, there are also Real prizes and gifts.

Luxury experiences and tickets for important events are reserved for members of the Vip Club. For example, food and wine tours in Tuscany, tickets for the Davis Cup or for the Formula 1. GP as already specified, it is a very elitist club, to which only i will be able to access Top players invited by the casino Read the Digital Game Review.

Snai: the American Vip casino

il Snai online casino provides VIP programs dedicated to the different types of game offered on the platform. But everyone has one thing in common: the advantages reserved for VIP players. The different VIP programs are based on the accumulation of points That allow you to play for free or can be converted into bonuses in the Snai Vip Shop.

Here are some examples. If you play the casino you can get 1CP (Casino Points) every $ 2 played, and you can exchange the CP in cash bonus. If instead you like to play yellow slots, The VIP Club includes 6 levels to climb based on Free Points (FP) accumulated monthly. To start accumulating them, just enter the game lobby, the FPs are obtained when spin are done. The levels range from the first Bronze, in the sixth Diamond.

Other VIP systems are dedicated to poker, bingo and American games. Our Snai Review It was updated on August 1, 2022.

William Hill's Vip Club

william hill offers all constant players the opportunity to obtain prizes and bonuses thanks to the Collection of compound points Special advantages are reserved for those who enter the Vip Club. To accumulate the points you just need to play real money, every 100 points comprise you will get 1 $ in a casino bonus. This conversion rate improves For those who are in William Hill's Vip Club.

Those who love to bet can join the Services platinum di William Hill In this special Vip Club there will be exclusive promotions for bets, tickets for sporting events and priority assistance.

There is also VIP loyalty program dedicated to online poker players Those who are part of it can accumulate WH points and climb the 8 VIP levels, ranging from double torque to real scale. The levels are characterized by growing bonuses. Discover the active promotions, updated in August 2022, on Volume William Hill.

Leofegas separated

The VIP Casino di Leovegas offers players who are part of it personalized gaming experiences. All the Bonuses and promotions will in fact be tailor -made for you Based on your game habits and your preferences. And as the VIP level increases, you will receive offers increasingly suitable for your tastes.

Also, a Account manager VIP Dedicated will provide you with personalized assistance service, with direct . All the experience on the site will be better, starting from faster withdrawals and services. In short, you will receive first -class treatment.

If you like the idea of the traditional casino and its elegant rooms, you can try the Chambre Séparee, who will guarantee you a luxurious live game experience In fact, American professional Croupier are ready to offer you emotions in prestigious environments.

You will also have access to all Exclusive tables of Leovegas Read our opinions on Levegas review updated in August 2022.

Starcasinò Vip Club

il Vip Club of Starcasinò It aims to offer constant players a real star experience. In fact, the stars Vip Casino dedicates exclusive advantages and prizes. If you decide to enter this exclusive club in Serbian for you there will be Rich bonuses and special events.

Starcasino VIPs will have a Personal account manager Also a Vip Team undertakes to organize events based on your preferences.

If you try the experience of being a VIP you get special bonuses to enjoy the casino games. But the prizes go far beyond what can be done online. In fact, there are at stake real experiences such as travel, accessories, evenings in the name of elegance and luxury.

If you are wondering what to do to enter this exclusive Vip Club, the answer is nothing In fact, it will be the Vip Team to select the lucky ones among the most faithful players Discover all the active promotions: read the Starcasinò review updated in August 2022. VIP

il Casino Casino It is an exclusive club to which If you access only your invitation of the site account manager, which evaluate all members regularly. If you become part of this club you will have personal assistants, Exclusive promotions and top -ups, gifts to celebrate your special moments. You will also be invited to events such as football games, international tournaments, theater evenings, traditional casino packages. The proposals for VIPs are continuously enriched and at the moment also include special prize competitions. The games will also be adapted to your needs with higher episode limits.

Not all members of the club receive the same treatment. In fact there are Three levels: bronze, silver and gold to which increasing advantages correspond. The vision of It is to offer a first -class service, which takes into account the needs of the players and puts them at the center of the offer.

Read the Review updated in August 2022.

The "Comp" of the VIP casinos are back

The restrictions for Covid-19 will end by this autumn The great evenings offered to the players of the Casino Vip will finally return In addition, players will be able to participate in major sporting events in a truly exclusive way. In jargon these exclusive events are called "Comp". Comp, abbreviation of Complimentary, that is to say complimentary They are the "cuddles" of the casino to VIP players.

Indeed, Snai confirmed that he had Ben available 10 Access to the Ferrari Paddock Club Guests will be able to access the beating heart of Formula 1. will not only be seated above the pits, with a view both on the track and on pit stops, but will be able to enjoy stellar entertainment. Refresh all day, fine wines and a ride on the track!

Nothing says Casino Vip more than the monk casino Planetwin 365 has reserved for an entire weekend the Grand Salle Casino di Monaco for its VIP players. In addition, guests of Planetwin they will stay in luxury to the famous Café de Paris. In addition, entertainment will certainly not be missing in this exclusive weekend.

Furthermore, Ia Snai that Planetwin have not confirmed what are the requirements to access these exclusive "comp". Certainly you have to be a member of the respective VIP casino

Frequent questions

The requirements to access VIP programs change according to the casino. In some sites you automatically access the VIP program at the time of registration. In others you access the invitation or you have to join the VIP club following the rules of the casino.

Many online casinos offer a VIP program, often this is described in the bonus and promotions section. Among the casinos that currently offer VIP programs are: Planetwin365, Snai, 888, William Hill, Levegas and Starcasino.

The Planetwin365 VIP program is very interesting. On this site you can collect points based on your favorite games. For example, those who play poker can climb the levels and participate in exclusive tournaments. In addition, the Planet bonus and promotions page offers continuous news and surprises for the players, in addition to the VIP casino.

The word Wagering literally means "bet" or "episode". In the world of casino it indicates the volume of games necessary to unlock a bonus. It is used as a synonym for "Playthrough".

Among the advantages of VIP casinos there may also be exclusive live tables. These will be managed by professional Croupier, they will have episodes and prizes studied to this And only the top players will be able to access you.

Vip Club members can have access to slot machines and other exclusive games, generally not available for all players. Often the new games are previewed only to the members of the Vip Club.

Some VIP casinos may also include a specific app among the various advantages, intended only for club members, compatible with the various operating systems.

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