Casino who immediately pay the winnings - Casino with quick payments

Here is the complete list of the mess that immediately pay the winnings. We found two online casinos who pay immediately!

The mess that pay 💶 faster August 2022




Pay in




Immediately If the account was validated
1.000$ PLAYTRHOUGH: 20x
Snai Review


Immediately If the account was validated
1.200$ PLAYTRHOUGH: 40x
Eurobet review


4 Ore If the account was validated
Con Visa Direct
Check with your bank
1.000$ PLAYTRHOUGH: 40x
Volume William Hill


12 Ore If the account was validated
Digital Game Review

The mess that pay 💶 faster August 2022


Pay in

Immediately If the account was validated
Snai site


Pay in

Immediately If the account was validated
Eurobet site


Pay in

4 Ore If the account was validated
Con Visa Direct
Check with your bank


Pay in

12 Ore If the account was validated
Digital Game site

When you subscribe to a casino, the goal is to play and win. If you are kissed by luck, the desire of all players is to deal with casino that immediately pay the winnings.

Let's start by telling you that all Online casino on the list They pay the winnings, but if you want to be sure you can receive your win immediately, there is one thing to do: play with Snai o eurobet.

Snai, the only American among the mess that immediately pay the winnings

The only American casino who pays immediately is Snai.

The American platform is very popular as it offers many possibilities for lovers of the game. Also from the point of view of top -ups and withdrawals, the player has a wide range of options to choose from.

Snai With its widespread presence in the area it is the only online casino that can truly say to pay the winnings immediately.

Going to a Snai point you can collect the winnings immediately!

Choose the payment in voucher, have an identity document and go to a Snai point.

In cash via voucher

The customer has the opportunity to withdraw through a voucher. This form of withdrawal requires a few minutes, with a printed copy of the voucher and identity document, the player will be able to go to a Snai point in the area.

If you don't have the printer there is no problem: you can make you send an SMS and collect with that. To collect the voucher you have 60 days of time, but why wait? In any case, after sixty days you can take a replacement voucher.

If you do not want cash, the times in almost all other cases are very short, and vary according to the chosen tool. In fact, they go from Very fast methods like PayPal, which generally requires a few hours, at 24-72 hours required if you use the Postepay card.

Eurobet, the European mess that pays immediately

eurobet It is a portal that offers all legal gambles in USA: from sports betting to exclusive slot machines. Furthermore eurobet It is the only European mess that immediately pays the winnings In fact, just go to one of the 900 Eurobet betting agencies scattered throughout USA to immediately withdraw your win.

To collect the winning you need you

  • An identity document
  • The winning voucher

Getting the winning voucher is very easy

  1. Click Personal area (top right)
  2. Click Account management
  3. Then click Withdrawal
  4. Finally click Get voucher

You can choose whether to print the voucher or receive it on your mobile phone.

Cash payments in Eurobet Receptions

As long as your account has been validated, you can immediately collect your win If you have not yet validated your account, it will be enough for a few minutes to remedy it. In fact, to validate the game account, just send an identity document.

You can send a scanned copy of the document or take a photo with your mobile phone. The validation process usually takes a few hours, but if you want to withdraw the winnings immediately you can speed up the procedure. In fact, once the document is sent, you just need to start a chat with in the assistance service and the validation will take place in a few minutes.

In addition, during the same chat you can request the voucher to be brought to the receiver. You don't need a printer The voucher will be sent directly to the mobile phone.

Don't forget the identity document when you go to the Eurobet betting agency.

Frequent questions

Yes, Snai and Eurobet can pay immediately. Just choose the payment with vouchers and you can collect a win to pay up to $ 1000 per day at one of the receivers in the area.

This possibility is offered only by some operators such as Snai and Eurobet. Cash payment takes place via voucher to be collected in the agency or corner Snai and Eurobet in the area.

Among the casinos those who pay faster are Snai and Eurobet, thanks to the vouchers system. We also point out the speed of payments by William Hill and digital game.

The fastest casinos in payments are Snai and Eurobet that allow immediate payments with the vouchers system. William Hill and digital game also give payments in a few hours.

Starcasinò pays all the winnings. Like the other casinos, it can take time for regularity checks, to which the waiting times relating to the chosen withdrawal method are added.

Options to withdraw from the mess that immediately pay the winnings


The withdrawal times vary from 24 to 72 hours, except for the times relating to any checks.

The Postepay card must be associated with the same tax code as the gaming account holder 3 free withdrawals per day are allowed and maximum 5 per week. Extra samples have the cost of $ 2.

Times stretch to 4 days if your Postepay is part of the Mastercard circuit.

credit card

Times vary according to the circuit to which the card belongs, except for any checks. In general they vary between 3 and 5 days Furthermore, to withdraw with the credit card it is necessary that at least one recharge on the game account was made through that same card.

If you have a visa and your bank adheres to Visa Direct Times speed up. con william hill The win is credited to you in 4 hours.


Through this mode, the player will be able to receive withdrawals very quickly, except for any safety checks.
The account used to withdraw, must have been used at least once to make a deposit. The deposit can also be following the winning.

con Digital game Your PayPal account is recharged within 12 hours.


Skrill samples will take place within the times requested by the platform, therefore very quick, except for any checks. Also in this case the Skrill account used to withdraw it must have been used at least once to recharge the game account.

In general, the win is credited in less than a day. Skrill is the favorite method for those who want to play with bitcoins.

Bank transfer

To withdraw with the bank transfer, the player must fill in the form to request it, and attach the copy of his identity document. The data relating to the banking institute, IBAN, telephone number and email of the player will be entered within the form.

The amount will also be indicated, which must be a minimum of $ 25 and cannot exceed the roof of $ 10,000. The times are those relating to transfers via bank transfer, and vary according to banking institutions. Usually the money arrives between 2 and 4 days after the request.

Postal transfer domiciled

In order to withdraw in this mode, a form similar to that for the bank transfer will be completed, and the copy of the identity document must be attached. The sampling limits are also the same.

The postal transfer will be available after 3 working days from the date of issue, at all post offices in the area. The transfer will remain valid until the end of the following month, compared to that of the request.

Types of bonus in online casinos

For vouchers, the sampling limits are as follows:

  • minimum amount withdrawable: 5 $
  • maximum amount for single transaction: 999 $
  • Maximum value taken in 7 days: 999 $

For both types of bank transfer:

  • minimum sum that is taken: 50 $
  • Maximum amount for single transaction: $ 10,000
  • Maximum weekly figure: $ 70,000

For all other methods, the sampling limits are as follows:

  • Minimum amount: 15 $
  • Maximum daily amount: $ 3,000
  • Maximum weekly value: $ 21,000

Play and collect with Postepay

Snaiundefinedeundefinedeurobet They also try to meet those who prefer to avoid classic money transfer methods, or who have a bank account. In fact, both operators, in addition to accepting Paypal and Skrill they accept postepay.

Snaiundefinedeundefinedeurobet We respond to the needs of many players who prefer to use a rechargeable card. In fact, many do not want to put their bank account with online transactions. Furthermore, many, especially young people, do not have a bank account, and without credit cards.

Snaicard: Cioca in online cash on the mess that immediately pay the winnings

Always for those who do not have the bank account and would also have difficulty recharging the game account, Snai offers the opportunity to do it with the Snai Card. At one of the many agencies or Snai sales points You can buy a card worth 5, 15, 20, 30, 50,100, 200, 300 or 499 $.

The amount of the top -up must be paid on the game account within 90 days, and they can be paid, in this mode, up to a maximum of $ 3000 per week.

From today you can play in cash in the only one among the mess that immediately pay the winnings that he immediately pays! Read the Snai review

All Casino-Us-Online.coms pay the winnings immediately?

But is it always like that? That Casino-Us-Online.coms, therefore with regular concession, pay, is a fact. Otherwise their concession would be immediately questioned, but what are the timing?

There are Casino who immediately pay the winnings And others that instead make you wait a little more, but the variation of the times depends on several factors.

We try to clarify this aspect not of little importance, since it can be really frustrating to obtain a nice win and have difficulty in the withdrawal.

The games that pay the most!

Obviously before collecting you have to win. Searching around the internet you will find many sites that offer tricks to win. The truth is the tricks do not exist.

The best thing to win is playing games that pay the most. If you like cards the blackjack It is a good choice, given that the advantage of the counter can be easily eliminated.

If you prefer slot machines then we suggest you play with the Online slot paying the most.

The mess that immediately pay the winnings accept Paypal

The fundamental thing is not alarmed, if a casino has been chosen, you can be sure that sooner or later you will receive the winnings. Indeed, the timing in the release of the winnings are often related to safety and transparency factors.

So you can safely think that i online casino that do not pay Immediately the winnings are in fact only respecting the rules. In fact, the Casino-Us-Online.coms must comply with the obligations relating to the safety and traceability of cash transactions.

You can know more about the timing by reading the terms and conditions of the various casinos. In fact, the methods of disbursement of the winnings, and relative times, must be specified clearly.

The collection times may vary from a few hours, to several days, during which the necessary checks are made. The variability of the range is also due to the chosen payment method. In fact, some methods, such as bank transfers, normally require multiple days, while i casino that accept paypal, are the mess that immediately pay the winnings.

Casino who pay delayed: what to do?

Often there are cases in which there are Casino who immediately pay the winnings, and others in which the winnings that reach their recipient with a lot of delay.

Casino are not always responsible for certain biblical times. Often everything that revolves around the win, starting from the controls that are entrusted to external entities and organisms, involves timing that may be slowed down.

Possible causes

Other times the causes of the delays are headed by the same players.

Once you start playing on a new, Many forget to send the copy of the identity document Generally you have 15 days to finalize the registration with the document, if you do not do it in case of winning the withdrawal will be impossible.

In fact, if the procedure is not completed, the game account will be blocked and consequently also the withdrawal of its capital. So if you intend to take money and run away, it will be good to remember to do things right.

Check that your gaming account is validated, is the first step. Then it will also be good to ascertain that the chosen payment method was recorded correctly and without errors.

Another possible cause of delays or difficulties in the withdrawal has to do with the winnings relating to the bonuses. In that case you have to carefully read the regulation, why Often the bonus winnings are not directly available In fact, to collect the bonus it is necessary to reach the playthrough Read more about how the online casino bonus.

Types of bonus in online casinos

In the event that the player still finds an abnormal delay in the payment and transfer of his winnings, then he will have to immediately customer service to receive assistance and check the presence of any problems or blocks, and what the causes are.

It follows the importance of an always functioning assistance service, and above all in American.

If even with the use of assistance it is not possible to resolve and an incorrect behavior from the operator is suspected, you can theAAMS, reporting the problem encountered, through the appropriate forms prepared by the Customs and Monopolies Agency for the report of an alleged offense.

Don't worry, however, the mess that immediately pay the winnings are all certified.

Casino with the best customer service August 2022
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3 Snai ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ Snai Review
4 Leovec ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ Levegas review
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4 Leovec ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅

Methods for receiving casino payments

When a gaming account opens on an online gaming platform, the favorite payment method must be indicated. With this you will carry out your deposit, and on which your winnings will be sent, when you are taken.

If we want Casino who immediately pay the winnings In addition to selecting one of those with a regular concession of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, we should choose from the various payment methods, those that require shorter times.

iundefinedBest casino They offer many options regarding money transfer, from classic methods such as transfers or checks, to more modern ones, as virtual accounts.

It is clear that receiving the win of a casino away check, it will be a much longer procedure and will take much more time, than those needed to receive the same win via PayPal.

How to collect in the mess that immediately pay the winnings

As we said, the best casinos offer very different payment possibilities, often unknown to more. Here is a list of the main options, offered to players:

  • check
  • Bank transfer
  • Postal transfer domiciled
  • credit card
  • Prepaid card
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Voucher

Next to these payment methods, many online casino which have a presence in the area offer the possibility of paying and collecting through their own card. Among the mess that immediately pay the winnings Snai has the most common collection network.

Casino that do not immediately pay the winnings

The world of legal online casino is large and varied in USA, and being a growing sector, competition between the various gaming houses is really fierce.

The most accustomed players to extricate themselves in the world of gambling at a distance, they keep an eye on the best offers and the casino that pay more, in the various periods of the year.

On the Internet there are many forums in which the game fans exchange useful information, and their experiences are told, positive or negative.

From new casinos, to the most generous slots with truly high payouts, to the various problems that can occur by playing on the Internet, to finish ai casino that do not pay: the bogeyman of every player.

In reality, the real experiences of casino that do not pay, among the admates, are really rare and in any case, in the presence of offenses or problems, the player who turned to a casino with regular concession can the Customs Agency and Monopoli to report the problem, or fill in the form for reporting the offenses.

Check that everything is in order

Very often the casinos that do not pay are in fact casino that immediately pay the winnings, but with a little longer times, which suspect, and sometimes alarm, the player.
In some cases there are problems that imply a block of withdrawals, easily solved. Let's indicate the most common problems:

  • The gaming account was not validated
    This can take place if the copy of the identity document in the period of time has not been sent, which prevents you from checking the account.
  • The sending of further documents is required
    It can be safety procedures, also activated to sample, randomly.
  • Problems with the chosen withdrawal methods
  • On many platforms there are rules that provide that a method of withdrawal, in order to be used, must have been used at least once to recharge.
  • Problems with bonus winnings. If the bonus has not been converted into a royal bonus, but it is only game bonus, then it cannot be taken, until it is transformed into real money through a certain amount of play.

Casino-Us-Online.coms are safe

This type of problems, even if they involve some delay in the withdrawal, can be easily resolved. In fact, the majority of problems happens because when you register for a for the first time, and you are not experts in the online casino rules.

Another case is the one in which a specific casino adopts incorrect practices, or in any case that plays brakes to the samples that are at the limits of the abuse. There are, above all in relation to the bonuses, often very restrictive rules, which if not observed in the letter, prevent the transformation of the bonus into a cashable cash bonus.

In other cases, players have incorrect behavior that if detected by the casino, lead to the impossibility of taking their deposits. An example can be that of the player, who in a fraudulent way opens several game accounts to take advantage of a bonus or a advantageous promotion.

Don't forget that all Casino-Us-Online.coms are safe mess.

Inquire about the forums

We have already referred to players forum in which help and some advice is often asked to those who already have experience in the world of game.

The forums are really useful for those who are beginners and do not know how to deal with the problems that can emerge when you are dealing with an online casino. The support of other players with similar experiences can help. And you can exchange opinions on the mess that immediately pay the winnings.

Obviously as for all social media, What we read must be taken with a pinch of salt In fact, it is impossible for moderators to verify the truthfulness of what is written. Several times it has happened that an unsatisfied customer invented disservices. It also happened that rival operators fought on the forums with statements that are not really true.

Voices on the forums about Starcasino

In some discussions, some customers complain about the payment of the winnings, for example reporting things of the type Starcasinò does not pay.

It happened in the past that those who had conspicuous winnings on this platform has encountered some problems with the gaming account. Similar events have made a lot of talk about Star casino in the forums.

In most cases, however, reading all the evolution of the various stories it is understood that, even if in many cases with long timing, Star Casino is sure And in the end pays. Otherwise, if he did not do it, the concession would be withdrawn.

Starcasinò pays really

Like all other operators in the world of legal game, with Casino-Us-Online concession, Star casino pays really In the event of relevant winnings, or in case of suspicions of fraudulent behavior by the players, you take some time, sometimes even 180 days, to carry out all the checks, before issuing a win.

If you have an account on Starcasinò, you can rest assured and above all do not alarmed by reading of experiences troubled in the various online discussions. The site's sampling policy is explained very clearly in the regulation, and offers several opportunities.

How to pick up on staercasinò

If you are wondering How to pick up on staercasinò Here is the table relating to the methods accepted by the platform, with the total times required by each operation. These include the approval times of the request for withdrawal, and the execution times of the same.

Withdrawal method Amount min and max Total time
VISA – Mastercard Min $ 10 – Max $ 10.000 3 working days
PayPal Min $ 10 – Max $ 2.000 2 working days
Skrill Min $ 10 – Max $ 10.000 4 working days
Neteller Min $ 10 – Max $ 45.000 Three working days
Bank transfer Min $ 10 – Max $ 100.000 6-9 working days

So maybe we can say that Starcasino is not among the mess that immediately pay the winnings, but certainly pays!


When we talk about online game and remote game, we take it for granted that platforms are chosen with concession of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, in which all payments that take place behind regular winnings, are paid without a shadow of a doubt.

As we specified, Each platform offers several payment and top -up methods, each of which, requires certain times. Often these times stretch for safety checks that if on the one hand, they can annoy the player waiting, on the other they are a guarantee for all lovers of the game.

No guarantee can instead be offered in cases of illegal casinos, without the authorization to operate in our country.

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