Count the cards in Blackjack

Counting the cards at Blackjack is one of the most common research keys regarding this game and the reason is simple. The blackjack online It is a very popular game, one of those in which they can increase their chances of winning keeping an eye on the cards out.

The act of counting the cards at Blackjack was made also popular with famous films Between these Rain Man In which Dustin Hoffman, an autistic subject with extraordinary mnemonic skills accompanied his brother Tom Cruise in the US casinos. Also in American casinos the film was also set 21 Based on the true story of the strategies to count the blackjack cards designed by a group of math students.

But let's get to us, maybe you discovered online gaming sites. And maybe you're wondering if it is possible to count the cards on the online blackjack while you are comfortably sitting on the sofa.

Is it possible to count the cards at the Blackjack in online version?

The answer to this question varies according to the type of game you choose. In fact, if you want to delight with the software version of the game, counting the cards at the Blackjack will be completely useless In fact, in this case, after each hand the software resets the deck. Which cancels any type of advantage connected to the count.

But online card games have more and more successful. In this case, count the cards blackjack online live It can bring the same advantages as the count to a traditional table. In fact, you will be connected live streaming with a real gaming table. To play, real decks of cards will be used and therefore the counting will benefit you.

Because it is useful to count the cards at the Blackjack

But let's get to another question that many ask themselves: what is the use of counting the cards to the blackjack? The rules of the game mean that in Blackjack the player can increase his chances of winning If you understand which cards remain in the deck In fact, in the Blackjack the player has to beat the counter by totaling a score of 21, without bouncing. Knowing if in the deck they mainly remain high or low cards, he can understand his possibilities and manage the episodes accordingly. Then counting the cards at the Blackjack implies several aspects:

  • It should be done from the beginning, but offers the first indications only at a certain point in the game
  • You have to take into account the number of decks with which you play
  • Requires a certain ability to draw conclusions and manage the episodes based on them

How to count the cards at Blackjack

If the idea of counting the cards on the blackjack a little scares you, we calm you down: there is no prodigious memory like that of Dustin Hoffman to do it. In fact there are different strategies to count which are based on the division of cards into various groups with the attribution of a specific value to each. The hi-lo system is one of the simplest counting strategies.

The hi-lo system

il HI-LO SYSTEM It is the easiest method to count cards with blackjack. The cards are divided into:

  • high, i.e. high (10, j, q, k and ace) and are worth -1
  • low that is low (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) and are worth +1
  • neutral (7, 8 and 9) and are worth 0

The count will begin at the beginning of the first hand, given that the system is balanced the total sum of all the cards of the deck will give zero result. At one point the count will allow you to draw conclusions. In fact, if your counting gives you a high number, you can deduce that low cards remain in the deck. If on the contrary, the count gives you a low number, you can expect the exit of high cards.

This, simplifying, is an easy way to count the cards with the blackjack, if you are playing with a single deck. But as happens also in the versions of Blackjack Live Online, decks are often used. Then the count will be adjusted according to the number of decks. This will serve to have the Real score, True Countt. It is obtained by dividing the result of your counting for the remaining decks in the sabot.

We have already said that counting the cards to Blackjack is useless in the software versions of the game. But these, in the demo mode, can be very useful for you to practice in the count.

The demo versions are present in all casino oline

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