HI Lo Blackjack system ♠: an easy method to win ✅

One of the ways to increase the chances of winning at the casino, is to count the cards using the hi l'blackjack system. Unlike other casino games Blackjack is one of those in which not only luck matters. The player's ability is also important to win money, and memorizing the cards already released helps a lot. The practice of counting cards is not well seen in traditional casinos, where those who are discovered to count can also be removed from the game table. It is a strategy made famous also by the film "21". Here when a group of math students applied these strategies to win money at blackjack.

At the basis of this system there is the fact that if you can count the cards by playing blackjack, in the following hands you will have an advantage. This is given by the fact that the player will more easily manage to make forecast on the remaining cards, and better manage the episodes.
The ability to count the cards at Blackjack Classico, must be trained. Only by practicing, in fact, can you get satisfactory results.

Blackjack hi system: the most common method to count the cards

It being understood that it is really complicated to memorize all the cards that come out, strategies have been studied that facilitate the task. One of these is the hi lo strategy, well known among lovers of casino games, card enthusiasts.

To apply this counting system, each card is attributed a positive, negative or zero value, according to the scheme that follows:

  • For cards from 2 to 6 it is calculated +1
  • The cards from 7 to 9 is calculated 0
  • With high cards, then 10, j, q, k and ace is calculated -1

This subdivision in practice allows you to divide the deck of cards the 3 groups. The group of high cards, in all 20; The group of low cards, in all 20, and that of cards, in all 12 cards.
Apply this method means the sum of the cards that come out. Hand after hand, The higher our counting, the more in the deck they remain high value cards Based on this information, the skilled player can try to manage the various hands and episodes managing to win money.

Beyond the hi lo, the KO system to win at Blackjack

The hi system is not the only one designed to count the cards with the blackjack, even if certainly more famous than System Red7 and system Omega II To apply it, you must practice, and understand how to manage the information deriving from the count to decide the episodes. It follows that training is fundamental.

The strategies and tricks to try to hurway the casino are different, for each game. For players of Blackjack, there is also a simpler system, K.O. is said This strategy is easier than IS Lo, and can be suitable for those who approach the casino games for the first time. The value of the cards here is the following:

  • For cards from 2 to 7 it is calculated +1
  • With cards from 8 to 9 you calculate 0
  • If you have high cards, then 10, j, q, k and ace is calculated -1

In this system there are in fact high, low cards and only 8 and 9 that are worth zero. Clearly this type of count gives less precise results than the previous strategy. Both systems require a lot of concentration and the ability to follow the game, making calculations, and making decisions accordingly. Train to count the cards in the Casino-Us-Online.coms, in the demo versions of the tables from Blackjack online, will allow us to practice and speed up our choices. Then we can face the real games and try to hurway the casino.

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