How to bet on online roulette

Many gamble enthusiasts wonder how to bet at the Roulette Online And win. For expert players there are more or less complicated systems, which help manage the episodes by increasing the possibilities of success. If you are beginners instead, before thinking about the strategies, you have to Understanding how to bet on online roulette and start familiarizing with the episodes.

Before even positioning the first chips on the game table, it is important to select the table. This choice is not without importance. Online we will find many versions of the roulette, which offer more or less imaginative variants. We put the roulette aside with two balls or with two wheels and focus on traditional roulette. These can be of two types, the American and the European ones. We recommend choosing the European version because unlike the American one it has only one zero, and therefore 37 numbers in total. In roulette americana The presence of double zero increases, albeit slightly, the advantage of the counter.

How to bet on the episodes external to online roulette

If we look at the roulette wheel for the first time, we could try a little confusion: in fact the numbers are not ordered progressively. But to manage our episodes we have to position ourselves in front of the scoreboard. Here we will see a more orderly arrangement of the numbers. In addition, the numbers are divided into various sectors that allow you to focus on entire groups. The various episodes have a different probability of going out and are therefore paid differently. All those who wonder how to bet on roulette, generally start from simple episodes. These episodes are those that give about 50% of the possibility of winning and paying 1: 1. The simple episodes are red or black, even or odd, numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. Beginners prefer this type of choices in which to win appears very probable, even if you only earn what aimed. The simple episodes are episodes external to the numbers of the numbers, and there are also others. In fact, around the scoreboard, we find the dozen and columns, they are clearly indicated and pay both 2: 1.

How to bet on online roulette on internal episodes

The internal bets are those concerning the numbers contained inside the scoreboard. We start from the bet on the single number, which is paid 35: 1. It is the most risky bet, because in reality we have 1 out of 36 possibility that occurs. Among the internal bets there are also those on couples of numbers.

How to bet on Roulette on two numbers

Just place the chips on the line that separates one number from the other. In this case we have 1 out of 17 probability of winning. Another episode is the one on the triplets; Here too we must place our chips on a line that indicates a triplet. In this case the win is paid 1:11. The episode on 4 numbers is instead paid 8 to 1. To bet on a quatrain you will have to place the chips on the intersection of 4 boxes. You can also bet on one cinquina, in this case the episode is called top line.

How to bet on top line

Just place the chips in one of the corners; This bet pays 6: 1.

From this brief description of the various types of episode it can be understood how to bet on roulette, even for beginners, can be stimulating. Surely if we have never focused on the green carpet, we will start with some simple episodes. But also the internal episodes on groups of numbers represent a good compromise between the peer or odd and the single number. Once we master all types of episode we can start experimenting with the Strategies to aim for roulette. It is Episode systems Often very popular, which indicate how much and in what sequence to focus on the various groups of numbers.

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