How to win money $ to the videopoker ๐Ÿƒ Jacks or Better

Those who love card games and videopoker certainly wondered how to win money at Videopoker Jacks or Better It is a 5 -cards videopoker that we can find among the casino games, in the online casino. Unlike slot machines, games like Jacks or Better give a certain weight to the player's choices In fact, in the slot the decisions to be made concern only the amount of the episode and the winning lines to be selected.

When we click on the spin button, the rollers go by itself and to decide there is the algorithm and the RNG. In casino games that are based on poker, the player is required to study his cards, and decide which one to keep. Each will have their own strategies to win, but whatever the system, this presupposes a choice. And each choice requires reasoning. We can therefore argue that Winning money at Jacks or Better or other video poker requires luck and even a little skill.

Guide to play, to win money at Jacks or Better

The Jacks or Better is a very simple videobook version, which is played with a 52 cards deck. 5 cards are distributed to the player and will have to choose, as in poker, which to keep. Expert players know instinctively how to act when they find the different combinations of cards in front. Without prejudice that there are no rules that always work, there are Some recommended behavior strategies, which can help us win money to this video poker Here are the basic rules for making rational decisions in front of our cards (consider that by high cards we mean jack, q, k and ace):

  • With 5 low cards, better change them all
  • One or two high cards, keep it/and, and change the others
  • If you have 10 and a high card, keep these two and discard the others
  • With j, q, k, keep and discard the other 2
  • Having three cards of royal scale, discard the other 2, even if high cards
  • 4 cards of a staircase, discard the one outside the scale
  • 2 high scale cards, discard the other 3
  • With 2 consecutive high cards, discard the other 3
  • If you have j, q, k and ace, discard the fifth paper
  • 9, J and Q, discard the other 2
  • 10, J and Q, discard the other 2
    With 8.9,10, J or 9, 10, J and Q, discard the other card
  • Pair of low or high cards, discard the other 3
  • 4 Royal scale cards, discard the other
  • With 4 cards same color, discard the other
  • Double couple, discard the other

From the theory to practice to win money to the videopoker

These suggestions allow you to make the most rational decisions, when you are in front of the 5 cards. If we are not poker or videopoker experts, at the beginning we will be a little slow in making decisions. In this case, the advice is to try to win at Jacks or Better in the test mode, so as not to lose money. When we have acquired a certain automatism in the games, we can try their hand at casino game and try to win real money.

Note well that following the guide to which cards to discard does not ensure the win. Being a game that is largely based on luck, or on ARG, the results are unpredictable. For this, before starting to play, It will be good to take a look at our videopoker, also to find out what his payout is. In the world of online video games there are very different machines, with RTP vary from 90 to 99%. Playing a higher RTP machine, will surely give us greater chance to win.

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