How to win at online roulette

Are there systems to win at online roulette? The answer is nì. If by playing roulette we want to hurway at the online casino, we are probably destined to be disappointed. But if instead we want to have fun without getting out of the game with empty pockets, then we have some possibilities. Among the casino games the roulette is the one deemed simpler, and in fact even a beginner can play and win. The basic rules are easy to understand, and also playing on the basic episodes the possibility of winning is almost 50% Why not try your luck with the help of some strategy?

A first useful suggestion concerns the choice of roulette. On the dedicated page there will be many casino games called Roulette Online Many will be variants of the basic versions: European, French or American roulette. Before throwing us into a two -wheeled roulette or with two balls, it will be good to curb the enthusiasm. By choosing the classic one zero roulette, we will have more chaces to win Here in fact there are 37 numbers in all, so with the game on the single number we will have 1 possibility out of 37 to win.

Basic rules for playing roulette

Often to win at roulette you don't have to architect arzigogolated systems, or elaborate complicated tricks. Just follow some basic rules, many of which are simply based on common sense. It being understood, that the wheel and round and the ball stops where he wants, here are some:

  • Play on simple episodes. In this way with small episodes at a time we will have the opportunity to double our funds gradually. Prepare the episodes such as red/black, even/odd, or the numbers 1/18 or 19/36 can allow us to create a solid base on which to risk
  • If we win we leave the game. Do we guess a single number? We avoid playing the money won recklessly and we withdraw it. When a player wins he tends to play irrationally and ends up losing everything.
  • Don't forget zero. Often you look at the scoreboard and you see the 36 numbers by totally forgetting zero. But this number has the same possibility as the others to go out, and in fact the zero generates the advantage of the counter.
  • Choose a table with the EN Prison rule. Generally it is the french roulette present in all online casinos. When zero comes out, instead of losing the episode, this remains imprisoned for another lap and increase the chances of winning.

Winning at Roulette online with Martingala and Paroli

In the roulette, one of the most loved online games, there are very famous strategies. One of these is the Martingala system that promises to win according to a specific technique. Martingala requires having a certain amount of money to be put into play Let's summarize the operation.

  • You have to choose one of the simple episodes: red and black, even or odd, 1/18 or 19/36.
  • It starts to focus 1 euro, for example on red.
  • If you win, start again, if you lose, you repeat the bet by doubled the episode.

This system is based on the consideration that sooner or later the simple episode will make us win. The fact is that probably when this happens, with the winnings obtained we will limit ourselves to covering the previous episodes, with a trivial gain. Another strategy often used at the Roulette wheel is a bit the opposite of Martingala. It's called Paroli System. Unlike the previous strategy, this requires to re-pay the sum obtained from a winning episode on the same game. Obviously this strategy makes the risk of losing everything has gained. Even if in case of success it gives some satisfaction.

It is important to remember in any case that the roulette wheel is round, and above all that the roulette has no memory. This means that although many players focus on previous statistics and outings, each lap is in itself. In no case can therefore be made to make sure to burn the casino.

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