I Sopranos: beautiful, rich, engaging slot machine!

The Speranos slot machine is one of the most successful attempts to make the show and cinema of great entertainment online and in the game version.

The Sopranos is a slot machine produced by Playtech, refined and articulated as, and more, of the TV serial. Before playing the game, Playtech put his hand to a great script work: the company to make the history and events, often intricate but incredibly engaging, of the Sopranos family on the rollers of an online casino slot Interesting challenge and Playtech won it!

That Playtech succeeded in the company not to make the television series regret is testified by the incredible success with which this slot machine was welcomed by the public of passionate players and the favor and consent that he still meets, after a long time since his first launch Online.

Telling all the game levels, bonuses, special content and everything that happens on the rollers of the playtech slot machine I Sopranos is already a nice feat! There are so many surprises that enrich this slot that the work may take a long time.

But since, to fully enjoy the show and the gaming experience of any slot machine, it is always advisable to know immediately every aspect of the rollers, let's start telling the adventure of the sopranos in the slot machine version!

The game in the Speranos slot machine

The rollers of the Slot machine online The sopranos are 5 and 25 payment lines. The symbols in the basic level, or main screen, are all referable to the life and deeds of the legendary and unforgettable mafia family craziest and nice on TV! Cigars, whiskey, bottles of strictly American wine, massive gold rolex.

These symbols win on the rollers together with the real protagonists of the Gang of the Sopranos family. On the rollers of the main level of the slot machine the sopranos the player already has to get excited: the symbols and characters are paid very well and the atmosphere of the slums and luxury of the mafia families is made to perfection.

The great attraction of the Slot Machine I Sopranos of Playtech, however, are the four different ways in which the free spins can be played. One of the modes belongs to the main level: when three scatter symbols, which portray the head of the sopranos, appear on the rollers, in addition to triggering the rpm for free, contribute to filling the necessary levels to unlock the most advanced Free Free Spins modes.

The Slot Machine I Sopranos retains the memory of the levels reached even if the game is interrupted: this will allow anyone, for any reason, it needs to postpone the game session not to lose the levels achieved.

But what are the modalities of the Slot Machine I Sopranos dedicated to the enhanced free laps? The soldier mode, the base, entitles you to 25 rpm, objectively really many for a basic level. During the free spins of the soldier mode, the extra wild symbol can increase the same free laps by 5 in 5.

Get free turns

The head mode makes 20 free laps with winning multipliers: from 2x for 5x. Boss mode: another 10 free laps with the possibility of meeting on the rollers from 2 to 5 Extra Wild symbols; You can win infinite free laps. Family mode, the highest and potentially richest in winnings: 10 free games during which only the most precious symbols appear on the rollers in addition to the scatters.

The slot machine I also playtech's sopranos also has 3 Games bonuses. In the raid bonus, which arrives at random on the rollers of the main play, the player will have to hide in various stolen goods that burns.

The Bada Bing bonus win by choosing from the components of the powerful family of the Sopranos. Finally, the Stolen Goods bonus: the Treasury of the Sopranos is hidden in some of the 10 containers that appear in the game; By choosing the right ones, the winnings will be insured!

With the Slot Machine I Sopranos is part of the most famous and nice underworld family of the small screen; Of course it's all a fiction. Except for the winnings, which are very true!
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