The easiest calculation to win at Blackjack

Blackjack is an easy game, where to do some calculation makes the difference in winning! Indeed, counting the cards at blackjack is easy and convenient, because you buy a real and mathematical advantage over the counter. In the live version of the online casinos it is also advisable because nobody sees so much and you can do it calmly.

Why do you win more by counting the cards while playing Blackjack?

All casino games have their methods and systems. For example, in the roulette, where at each new launch there are always 36 chances of winning, the statistics indicate ways and means to spot the box where the ball will stop. Blackjack is a card game, one of the most famous and loved in all casino in the world, in which you play with multiple decks of cards until their exhaustion It is therefore easy, having an idea of which cards remained in the deck and which instead they came out, that the player has a real advantage over the casino himself.

Furthermore, like all game and online casino fans know, in Blackjack Classico The counter is forced to take paper with a score equal to or less than 16 This means that, if there are still high cards in the deck, figures therefore, the bench in probability will highlight and it is therefore time to aim strong because the winnings at the casino is more than probable.

Counting cards playing the blackjack casino is easy

At the blackjack counting the cards is easy. Only a very easy mental calculation is necessary and, if you really want to do calmly, the online version of the game available in all the casinos on the web gives you the possibility of Use the calculator However, you will see that the calculator will not be necessary because the calculation is really simple.

The very easy calculation with the hi lo system

The hi lo system, what we use is easy and has given us many satisfactions especially applied to the live blackjack version with live Croupier. In fact, in all the Casino-Us-Online.coms that we attended the live version of the Blackjack, we always revealed winning.

With this system, value is attributed 0 to 7, 8 and 9; Value -1 to 10 and to the ace and value +1 to all the other cards.

Practical example

In an online game by Blackjack the cards are as follows: the bench has a 7, the first player 5 and 10, the second player 10 and 4 the third 3 and 4. The number that is obtained with a quick calculation is +3 that represents the running count. To find out if it is better to play, you have to divide the running count for the number of decks involved. Let's say that these are 3, in this case the final number, the True Count is +1: it is better to play!

The hi lu system to win at blackjack in online casinos, in fact, simply says that if the True count is positive the advantage is ours and the bench is likely to lose.

Other systems to win by counting the cards

There are more than 20 systems to count the blackjack cards at the casino, some easier others more complicated but, the easy hi system turns out to be excellent. With a simple calculation indicating a true count positivo So you can proceed with reasonable safety to focus on higher figures, and to double if we have the opportunity.

Play online blackjack

All online casinos have different and exciting versions of the Blackjack online Choose the version Blackjack Live, where the counter is held by real croupier: you will have much more fun. As we explained the calculation method to win at Blackjack is easy and immediate and will allow you to put it into practice without problems: at the beginning you keep the account on a sheet, then try to do everything in your mind, it will be very easy!

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