French roulette and the rules the start and en prison

Among the casino games the Roulette Online French with the rules of the partage and the en prison is the most popular version. In the pages of the casino there are different Roulette variants The main ones are:

  • The French roulette, with a single zero and the rules we mentioned.
  • English or European roulette, with a single zero, and without the characteristic rules of the first version
  • The American roulette, which has double zero, then 38 boxes instead of 37, and a different arrangement of numbers.

In addition to the roulette in these basic versions, there are many variants, which were born from the fantasy of the developers. Each will have its own game table and its rules. For example, we find roulette with two balls, roulette with two wheels, mini roulette with fewer numbers and so on.
For purist lovers of traditional casino these versions, albeit funny, should not even be taken into consideration. When it comes to roulette, strategies and systems to win, reference is made only to the classic wheels.

The French roulette and the rule of partage

We have already mentioned the popularity of the french roulette. This compared to the American one gives the player a little more margin, given the presence of a single zero. Compared to the English or European one it has a richer and more engaging game, thanks to the two additional rules. We try to understand how the roulette works with the rules of La Partage and En Prison.

Both rules apply when zero comes out on the French roulette. Both are much loved by online casino players because they give some more advantage.

The rule of the partage comes from the French verb "partger" which means "dividing". In practice when the ball on the wheel stops on zero, all simple episodes can stay on the table. If the player wants, they remain blocked for the next lap, but lose half of their value. In practice, the player, with Zero, does not lose, and has a chance to recover the episode at the next lap. With the advantage it confers, this rule mitigates the discontent that the players takes when zero comes out. The player with this rule can decide whether to leave the episode on the table or whether to withdraw half as soon as zero comes out.

The EN Prison rule in online roulette

Unlike the partage rule, in which the player can also choose to withdraw half of the episode, with the EN Prison the episode remains imprisoned. Like the previous one, this rule also applies to simple episodes. Every time the zero comes out, with the EN Prison rule, all the episodes are imprisoned. Then the Croupier makes a new shot, and here are the possible scenarios:

  1. If the episode is winning, it is freed and the player can do what he wants.
  2. With one the episode is losing, it is lost and that's it.
  3. When zero comes out again, the episode remains en prison and a new lap is made.
  4. The episode will only be lost to the third consecutive zero.

As can also be understood, the EN Prison rule also gives the player an advantage, which in this case has no possibility of choice.

Both of these rules, which we can find in many online routes online, make the game more lively. They also reduce the advantage of the counter, at least for the laps in which zero is the protagonist. To make numbers, with the rules of French roulette the online casino has an advantage of 2.7%. But when the en prison rule is applied, this advantage drops to 1.35% Even without making calculations, it is easy to understand that with the release of zero, the player is given a second possibility, which would not have in the European or American roulette.

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