Roulette without zero and strategies to win

Roulette without zero is an invention of online casino that is enjoying success among the players. It will also have happened to you to enter the section of a casino dedicated to roulette and find different alternatives in front of you. From basic versions, of french roulette And American, it sweeps on very imaginative versions of the game. The mega roulette or the mini roulette, depending on whether the wheels have more than 36 numbers or not. Two -wheeled roulette, roulette with two or more balls. Generally these games are Elaborates of casino software manufacturers to increase fun but also the advantage of the house.

Roulette without zero is a little different. In fact, unlike the most abstruse versions that we can find around, instead of increasing the advantage of the house increases that of the player. The reason is easy to guess. In practice, this roulette is in all respects identical to the traditional European one. Just take a look at the scoreboard and you will see the same numbers arranged in the same way. What changes is that The space dedicated to zero is missing in the upper part of the scoreboard and the green box on the wheel. This is a big advantage for the player, given that in classical roulette, the presence of zero guarantees the advantage of the house.

The increase in probability in roulette without zero

It is easy to understand, even if we are not mathematicians why in this roulette the player has more chance of winning. In fact, in all the others versions of the online roulette A slight advantage for the counter is also guaranteed in simple episodes thanks to the presence of zero. In fact, focusing on red or black, even or odd, 1/18 or 19/36 numbers, the player has almost one possibility out of two. Almost, because if zero come out, all the simple episodes forgiveness This possibility is 1/37 so it is not irrelevant.

In the roulette without zero, putting our chips on simple episodes we mathematically one chance on two to win. Removed the zero so we have more possibilities that our bet is a winner It is clear that with this type of scoreboard it is possible to apply all the strategies we know for traditional roulette. There are also strategies designed especially for the roulette without zero. These are based precisely on the simple episodes, given that they exploit the particular situation in which the player always has 50% of the possibility of winning.

The tetris strategy for online roulette without zero

An easy strategy to test in the roulette Without zero it's called Tetris. The name derives from the old video game in which it was necessary to complete lines by frameing blocks of various shapes.

Here's how it works, first of all you will have to choose a simple episode. For our example we choose red and black. For the first episode we will focus 1 chips on red and 1 chips on black. Consider the case that Black comes out, then to the second bet we will remove a chip from black, the one won, and we will put it on the red. Another turn of the wheel, if it still comes out black, we will still increase the bet on the red while the one on the black will remain unchanged. If, on the other hand, the red came out, we should decrease the episode on this color by one unit and increase it on the other. This system of episodes must go on until the episodes on red and black become the same again. The name Tetris derives from the idea of leveling the episodes.

The fact that on this type of roulette there is no zero causes this strategy to be winning. It is not recommended instead to try it on classic roulette. Not all online casinos present, among the proposed games, a roulette without zero. So before subscribing to a casino, if we are interested in this version, let's take a look at the section of board games.

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