The insurance in the Blackjack ♠ Use it or not?

Online blackjack insurance is an option that many players love. But is it really an advantage to use it? Among the Games casinos, the blackjack is of those games in which skills and luck mixes. Precisely for this reason, before starting to bet at the Blackjack table in our online casino we have to think. We try to deepen the insurance mechanism, and understand if it is good to use it or not, to win more.

Many online casino games have mechanisms that give the player the opportunity to double their winnings. A lucky tour of the slot in our casino, turn on the doubles button. The temptation to risk is strong. But it should be emphasized that this is one of the systems with which the casino leverages the player's vulnerability.

A similar mechanism is the basis of the insurance, an option offered in some cases, at the virtual game table of online blackjack. Insurance is a second bet during a Blackjack hand, and can only be done in the game in a specific case. This ensures the player on the fact that he will not lose, but only in the case of the Blackck of the Banco.

If you want more clarifications on the rules of Blackjack, read the page dedicated to Blackjack online.

How the insurance in the Blackjack of online casino works works

After the Croupier distributed the cards and if the counter discovers, as the first card an ace, then the player will have this possibility. By selecting the insurance in practice, you bet as well as on your hand, also on the eventual blackjack of the counter. This can lead to different results:

  • If we are insured, and the counter makes the maximum score, the sum episode on the insurance will be paid 2 to 1.
  • If, on the other hand, the counter does not have a blackjack, we will lose insurance, and the game will continue normally.

This long -term strategy risks bringing losses. The moment the Croupier discovers the ace, the bet on the insurance is open, and it will be possible to focus 50% of the main bet. A common game strategy is to play insurance in order to have at least the episode behind, if the counter wins with Blackjack In fact, 50% x 2 of the episode is equal to the episode itself.

Because the online casino gains from insurance

The insurance system, as it is deducted, ensures the counter a certain advantage. We simplify with an example of a blackjack table in which the Croupier plays with a single bunch of standard cards. We therefore have 52 cards, one of which is the ace that the Croupier has discovered, 2 are the player's cards and 49 are covered. Among these, up to15 they will be able to have a value of 10. So the probability that the Croupier can make Blackjack is around 30%, and that of not doing it is 70%.

Up here, nobody wins and nobody loses. But what if we win the hand? If we are lucky, we bring our win at home, of $ 30, to which, however, we must remove the $ 10 paid for insurance, and therefore we will win $ 20 If we had not done the insurance we would have brought home 30 $. So it can be argued that even in this case lucky for the player, With the insurance Il Banco earns, reducing losses.

In the Blackjack game the player can implement their strategies, in the hands following the first, if it is able to count the cards. For example, if there are not many 10 in the deck, making insurance does not make much sense. On the contrary, if we have calculated that many 10 remain in the deck, we can decide to risk with a significant episode and compare your shoulders with insurance.

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