The best strategies to win in Craps

The game of dice is one of the oldest practiced by man, and it is still much loved: we discover the strategies to win in Craps. Those who are new to this game can be a little confused by its development, but once learned it will become simple and automatic. The little practical player will do well to train with a trial version, we can find it among the online casino games. But be careful, not all casino sites offer craps or Keno among their games. Before registering, it will be good to ascertain it. There are also versions of the game to download, with which to practice all the time you want. In any case, it is important to know the game well and acquire the various automatisms, before trying to understand tricks and strategies to win.

Even if the nuts are simple tools, The game is made quite complex, at least for the novices, with the numerous possible episodes Among the first strategies to be applied to win, when you are not very expert, there is to focus on the simplest betting. Even the green table with the scoreboard indicating the various bets, it will be a valid support for those who at the beginning feel disoriented.

Some strategies for craps lovers

Those who are familiar with the game will want to try strategies to win in Craps. It being understood that the systems we indicate have been put into practice by many players, there are no certainties. Craps is based on two dice, and nothing better than a nut symbolizes the power of the case.

In this game, as in other casino games, the results are linked to a certain level of probability. Since there are two dice, the various results are not all the same. For example The 2 is less likely since it is obtained only with a possible combination. For some numbers, such as 6, 7 and 8, there are various possible combinations and therefore increased possibilities. The probability of the various combinations varies in a range between 3 and 14%.

One of the tricks to get out of the winning craps is to aim for small frequent earnings, instead of a few higher winnings. Those who do not want to complicate their lives, so they will do well to discard episodes like Any Seven, winning only with the 7. Even avoiding the Horn bets, who win with 2, 3, 11 and 12. Here the advantage of the casino is 13%. The system of pointing on the safe side with bets pass The Line and Don't pass the line, in the long run will reward. You can try the craps with i Online casino without deposit.

More risky systems to win a little more

Those looking for earnings in the long run often also apply systems such as Fibonacci, which is based on the progressive increase in the episodes. But this requires having relevant sums available.

Another strategy to try to win by reducing or eliminating the losses is the following. You bet $ 10 on Don’t Pass and $ 6 on Big 6 and Big 8. In this case if the result is 7, we will lose 2 $. If 6 or 8 will come out we will earn a lot.

Another strategy is called everything except the 7. It works like this: the point is expected, after which 12 $ are focused on 5, on 6 and 8; In addition, 6 $ are focused on Field. In total we aimed $ 42.
If in the next three launches the shooter keeps the dice, you will earn between $ 15 and $ 27; With 2 and 12 these will rise. This strategy already begins to be more risky, so if we are a beginner, better not to try it or in any case practice first without real money.
You underline once again that all strategies, although they can increase our possibilities to win at games from online casino, do not guarantee 100%victory.

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