The strategies to win at Keno

'Are there strategies to win at Keno?'

Although it is a numerical extraction game, such as craps, in which the player's actions do not affect the results, we often talk about systems to win. Let's summarize this game in a nutshell, for those who have never heard of it. To get an idea, the Keno can be compared to a lottery extraction or the game of the bingo. It is a numerical extraction game of Chinese tradition. The player will have to choose up to 20 numbers between 1 and 80, and the counter in turn will extract 20 numbers. The winnings will be attributed on the basis of the numbers guessed, with reserved prizes also to those who manage not to guess any number.

After this small introduction, it can be thought that the strategies for Keno are destined to fail. But just go with the mind to the systems to win at the lot, to understand even in the games of Fortuna alone, specific strategies are often applied.

More than true tricks and strategies, these are advice to face this game trying to maximize their chances of winning. And also of indications, methods of episode preferable to others and how Avoid errors by playing the casino.

The calculation of probability in Keno strategies?

The game of Keno is present in many online casinos, which often offer variables compared to the traditional game. One of the variations relates to the amount of numbers that can be bet. In some games it is also possible to bet on 40 numbers. This choice for many novice players may seem very tempting. However, we must reflect on the fact that the more numbers we choose the less chance we have to guess them all.

It is also necessary to familiarize yourself a little with the concept of probability For example, the player who focuses on 5 numbers has 40% of the probability of guessing at least one. This probability drops to 27% to guess 2 numbers, and 8% to guess 3. So as you can see, a very simple game in reality turns out to be really difficult. The possibility that 5 out of 5 numbers are actually extracted and really very little. It is in fact one in 389 million, and it is not difficult to believe it. Just think of the remote possibility of doing five or six at the Superenalotto. Better to bet on 40 numbers or only on 3 then? The best strategies for Keno indicate to bet on 7, 8, 9 or at a maximum of 10 numbers.

The most used strategies to win at Keno

Given the type of game, which refers a lot to the lot of the lot, the players tend to use two strategies for the opposite Keno. Just as happens in the most traditional of American games, Some players focus on frequent numbers and others on late numbers. These two choices respond to two considerations that are the opposite of the other. Neither is statistically the best, and leads to concrete results. Another strategy that is often applied to other numerical games is to focus on consecutive numbers. For example, series such as 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. Also in this case advice to such strategies, they have no scientific foundation. Just as they have no foundation the strategies for the Keno who require the player to always focus on the same set of numbers.

The basic idea is that sooner or later they will come out. Which can be true that false. Even in the Keno online extraction it is per itself, and the history of previous extractions does not affect the subsequent ones The main rule to win at Keno and all the other gambling games is to play rationally always keeping an eye on your budget. No strategy can ensure the victory, and on the contrary, to rage on a method with the certainty of winning, will lead to losing everything.

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