Marvel Roulette, but also a little slot machine!

Choosing between roulette and slot machines can sometimes be a really nice business, but no longer thanks to Marvel Roulette!

Let's say you have your nest egg to aim, let's have you been able to enjoy some good Welcome bonus no deposit And that therefore your nest egg was partly offered to you by the online gaming room.

We also put that you feel lucky the right and the full of your energies; What do you decide to do?
Turn the rollers of one of the exciting slot machines of the main menu.
Or do you sit at the green table to point your winning numbers at roulette?

Is your favorite online casino William Hill?
Well: you can play at the same time both at roulette and at slot machine, as long as your click goes on Marvel Roulette!

What is Marvel Roulette? It is a hybrid game, a little roulette and a little slot machine. William Hill Casino in collaboration with Playtech, precisely for those players who love both games so much that they cannot decide.

Marvel Roulette looks like a classic roulette: green table, wheel wheelchair, scoreboard with episodes: numbers, triplets, sestines, colors and so on.

Of course, to celebrate the super heroes of Marvel, already protagonists of many splendid slot machines, William Hill Casino presents them on the sides of the scoreboard: your gambling companions will in fact be the spider man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor and all the others glorious companions of many lucky and winning adventures.

Marvel Roulette: the roulette of wonders!

On the wheel of the Roulette Online We immediately notice a new element of Marvel, a new box that is added to the 36 the zero of the classic version, it is the Marvel Bonus box that already makes us savor compelling and exciting moments of the game. William Hill, as now known, is the certified online casino in absolute leader in the game of roulette, the versions of him, live or classic or still 3D, have few, indeed no competitor; Launching the ball on a William Hill Roulette is always a guarantee of exciting game.

With Marvel Roulette this great tradition that links the name of William Hill to the game of roulette boasts of an exciting new element. By focusing our chips on the Marvel Bonus box we will have the opportunity, if the ball ends up in that sector, to access a new level of the Marvel Roulette, which makes us win just like a slot machine!

In this new level, in fact, the 3 rollers of a slot machines animated by all the figures of the super heroes Marvel await us. During the 3 laps at our disposal, depending on the sequences identified on the rollers, our original episode can be won and revealed and also multiplied.

Three images of Wolverine, for example, will make us collect the winnings multiplied by 20, three images of Hulk instead multiply the win by 50 and three images of the spider man even by 100.

But it's not over here! William Hill Casino and Playtech wanted to overdo it, as they often do! And they also put on the plate a mysterious Marvel jackpot, a progressive jackpot connected to all Marvel games and therefore to this incredible and compelling roulette!

How to access one of the four (four!) Levels of William Hill Casino's mysterious Marvel jackpot? All about luck: any episode can unleash the multilivello jackpot, regardless of the number or color chosen and the extent of the episode itself. Paradoxically, even a non -winning episode could make you win one of the four mega jackpots at stake. Slot machines or roulette, then? With William Hill finally both, at the same time!

Update: Marvel products are no longer available, read Farewell to Marvel slot.

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