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Poker Holdem is a highly appreciated specialty of the classic game, present in all certified online casinos.
Everyone knows how to play classic poker, the card game, perhaps together with the Blackjack, more famous and most played in all parts of the world. With the diffusion of traditional poker rooms and the online casinos, several specialties were born which, while preserving the fundamental characteristics of the game, make it more current and compelling, increasing the chances of winning together with the show.

The Holdem version is currently also the favorite for international professional tournaments.

There are basically two reasons for the affirmation of this very particular specialty. The first lies in the fact that 5 of the 7 cards available to challengers in the Holdem poker version are discovered and positioned on the counter, in common to all players; Hence a greater spectacularization of the game action that becomes known to all spectators.
Secondly, in poker Holdem the episodes are more numerous than in the classic version, so the stakes become very high, making the challenge much more compelling and tense.

Rules of Poker Casino Holdem

Learning the rules is very simple, even for those who have never played. At the beginning of each poker challenge Casino Holdem the player to the left of the Mazziere must make the first episode, called small darkness, followed by those of the other players, called great darkness. The Poker game of Casino Holdem continues with the distribution by the Mazziere of two papers covered for each player.

At this point the Casino Holdem version provides that the players still point out. At the end of this further tour of episodes, the Mazziere discovers 3 common cards on the table, called board; This is the Poker Poker Casino Holdem called Flop. After the flop, the Mazziere discovers two other cards called Turn and River respectively, each of which is preceded by further episodes.

The final phase of the Poker Casino Holdem sees each player with two cards covered each and 5 common discoveries on the board. Last tour of episodes, if the players remained at least two, before discovering their game to see who won all the stakes on the plate.

As we said, this specialty involves many more episodes than the classic version of the game, consequently very high winnings often occur.

Playing Poker Casino Holdem immediately

Each certified virtual mess has among other versions of the poker online also a dedicated table Poker Holdem If you do not feel ready for the challenge you can try the for Fun mode, playing only virtual money, or you can assist from spectators to a live session of the game.

Legal and safe casinos with certification ensure, among other things, players assistance in American also to explain the rules of the game. When you have acquired security, all you have to do is click on your favorite mode, 3D or classic live, and start playing.

When you are a little more experienced, we recommend that you experiment with a progressive poker tournament Casino Holdem because the fun is insured and you can really win a lot.
Pay attention also to the frequent promotions and bonuses made available by the game houses for the Poker tables Casino Holdem, you can start playing for free with the bonus amount.

Finally, before diving into the Poker Casino Holdem, one last look at the payments and payout tables relating to this specialty. The theoretical percentage of return to the player (RTP) should reach at least 97%.

Poker Casino Hold'em, the rules

Poker Casino Hold'em is one of the poker variants that is enjoying the greatest success in virtual casinos, together with the Texas Poker of which he is a very close relative.

The rules of the two games are in fact practically the same, with the sole difference that a hand -played hand against the counter is played at Poker Casino Hold'em.

Now let's see what the rules of Casino Hold'em poker are and let's try to understand the crucial passages.

Start on the right foot

To start a hand of Poker Casino Hold'em, you need to make an initial episode, called "ante" episode; At the same time you can carry out an additional episode called "AA" in which you win if you get at least one pair of axes, regardless of the outcome of the challenge with the counter. At this point it is worth making two small notes immediately on the rules of the game.

First: according to the rules, the "AA" episode is better paid for the "ante" episode, ranging from 7 to 1 for combinations from scale in Jun to 100 to 1 for the royal scale; Furthermore, it does not depend on the outcome of the challenge with the counter.

You have to make good use of it and above all don't forget it ... we will see why!

Second: your copious future winnings, always beating the counter, are paid on the ante episode, there are no relaunches or similar.

That's why it was said that, at Poker Casino Hold'em, it is important to start on the right foot!

Hold'em Poker Casino comes alive

Once the initial episodes are made, click on the "Distribute" button; At this point there will be two covered cards, two further covered cards are given to the counter and three discoveries are distributed on the table.

If you have at least one pair of axes and you had decided to make the episode "AA", you win accordingly.

Attention! Here the rules are ruthless, we must remember to call the episode "AA", otherwise the win is not credited.

To this tip you have to choose between the "leave" or "see" options. If you "leave", you lose the ante episode if you choose "See" you have to place the double of the episode "Ante" on the counter and the last two cards on the table will be distributed.

Finally, it has come to the showdown: the bench discovers its cards and the highest combinations are automatically trained.

If the desk wins, you lose how far pointed has been pointed out if the bench loses you win according to its combination.
Important! According to the rules, the counter must have at least one pair of 4, otherwise it does not qualify and the player always wins.

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