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Classic poker is the increasingly famous card game, today we are talking about the poker online in the version Tequila Poker In any part of the world, even in places where you do not understand a word of the spoken language, you are sure that you will easily find people capable of understanding the universal language of this magnificent game.

The Poker Tequila It is a specialty of the classic game developed over the past few years thanks to the online diffusion of virtual gaming rooms and the affirmation of the international tournaments played in traditional poker rooms to the general public.

The specialty called Tequila is very particular, it seems difficult at first glance but it is not at all complicated, on the contrary, once you learn the basic rules, it will be difficult for you to return to play the classic version, which will seem a little boring compared to the Tequila Poker

A wedding between blackjack and poker

The Tequila Poker marries the fundamental characteristics of the classic game to those of another famous card game, equally beautiful and fascinating, we naturally speak of the Blackjack.

The result is truly formidable and compelling so much so that this specialty, together with the other famous note with the name of Holdem, is actually supplanted in the hearts of professional players the glorious but now old classic game, too conditioned by its long and reflective times

Today, in fact, the most loved card games are those that take place at a fast and tight pace and who, by combining suspense and entertainment, can soon give the players the opportunity to win very rich winnings. Speed and very high at stake are the characteristics that unite the most loved games of the Casino-Us-Online.coms today.

Rules of Tequila Poker

The Tequila Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards and as we said, some characteristics of the blackjack does its own; In addition, the only protagonists of the challenge are the counter and the player, in fact, as indeed in Blackjack, other participants are not foreseen.

Before the start, the player makes his episode after which he sees himself distributed by the 4 cards bench; And here you get to the heart of the game action: according to the 4 cards obtained and before receiving the last two, for a total of 6 cards, the player decides to target.

Ha due alternative: hig tequila o tequila poker.

Hig tequila: the lowest card is discarded. The remaining 5 cards acquire the typical value of blackjack: ace is worth 1 or 11, figures 10, the other cards their nominal value.

If you get a score equal to or greater than 46, the win is withdrawn, in particular the 46 is paid 1 to 1 and the greatest score obtainable, the 54, even 200 to 1!

Tequila Poker
This score is similar to that of classic poker so with 5 cards in hand, the sixth is discarded, a combination paid in poker must be made, the lowest point is the axle pair paid like the 46 of the Hig Tequila 1 to 1. The highest point is the always large royal scale paid 200 to 1.

The tequila poker: simple and fascinating

As you can see, this specialty is actually simple to understand but very compelling to play. All certified online casinos have the table dedicated to this fantastic variant. Take a look at the bonuses or any promotions involving poker Tequila and start playing.

Of course we can only advise you the Live version where you will find the desk managed by a splendid smiling and expert girl.
The Payout guaranteed by for the Tequila poker specialty varies from gaming room to gaming room but should at least be at least 97%

The rules of the game

Let's start immediately by reassuring you, saying that the tequila poker is not a game with complicated rules, and perhaps even this owes its success.

Then add that we play with a 52 cards and is a middle ground between poker and black jack.

Another important thing, you will not play against other players, but you will be distributed cards and your win will depend on the combinations of cards you will get.

The percentage of the return statistics to the player is 97, 38 and the best strategy must be based on the optimal choice of the episodes and the type of game (High Tequila or Tequila poker), as we will see later. That said, we examine in more detail the rules of the game, indeed of the games ...

It starts! Forward with the initial episode.

The first episode is called "doors" and must be made before the distribution of the cards, adding or subtracting tokens with the mouse keys until the desired amount.

Once the ante episode is made, you can click on "distribute" to receive the cards. Unlike in classic poker, only 4 cards will be distributed.

At this point the game becomes interesting because the rules include a double crossroads: first you have to decide whether to play or leave and in this case the ante episode is lost.

If you decide to play, you must then decide whether to play high tequila or tequila poker.

High Tequila o Tequila Poker?

Any of the two games have chosen, 2 more cards will be distributed. At this point, the Simlitini ends, because the rules of the two games are quite different.

According to the rules of High Tequila, the lowest card is automatically discarded and you will win according to the sum of the values of the cards you have in hand.

The values of the cards are calculated as in Blackjack: nominal value for numbered cards, 10 for all figures and 11 for the ace. The sum of the 5 cards is paid from 46 upwards. The 46 is paid 1 to 1 and 54, which is the maximum score that can be reached, 200 to 1.

According to the rules of Tequila poker, the 6 cards are instead used to automatically form the best possible combination of 5 -cards poker and the remaining paper is discarded. You win from the couple of axes up. The pair of axes is paid 1 to 1 while the highest combination, the royal scale is also paid in this case 200 to 1.

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