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Poker was born before the casino itself. Literature, art and cinema have always been measured with this splendid challenge, which has ended up abandoning the characteristics of simple game to take on the contours of the metaphor of human life itself.

It is therefore not surprising that online poker is one of the load -bearing columns of the game on the web in the era of the online casino. The basic rules of the online version are easy. Five minutes are enough to learn them and be able to play already at rewarding levels, both for fun and for gain.

In recent years poker in Casino Online Arms He gave birth to variants that are slowly replacing the historical version of the game. Mainly two versions of poker are played today: Casino Hold'em and Tequila Poker.

Tipi in online poker

Starting from the classic rules of poker online casinos have enriched him with new shades. The online versions of the new Poker providing additional episodes that increase the stakes and winnings.

Here briefly the characteristics of the most famous poker variants available in the casino online:

Tequila Poker: This variant of the classic game was developed by drawing on some of the main features of another equally famous card game: the blackjack. In the tequila poker, in fact, we find melting together elements typical of both. A time received the first four cards the player decides which score to aim with two possibilities High Tequila or Tequila poker.
With High Tequila, a card are discarded and the score is calculated as in the blkackjack, but you win with a minimum score of 46.With tequila poker: the winning combinations are those of poker (always discarding one of the six cards). Read more about Tequila Poker.

Casinò Hold'em: the variant of the most famous classic poker and played by pokerists from all over the world, both in single games and especially in online progressive tournaments. The game situation includes two covered cards for each player and 5 cards common to all, which are discovered one by one after each additional next episode, you can see the dish who remains in the race until the last, using five of the seven cards available to obtain the highest score. The progressive poker tournaments in the Hold'em version, present in all the main ones certified online casino. Thanks to the greater number of episodes in each game, they easily reach very high posts. Read more about Poker Holdem

Poker online Casino-Us-Online in versione live

Online poker has drawn, as well as Roulette, a huge advantage from the spectacular invention of the live version.

In addition to the game itself, in fact, another fundamental and essential element of success and consecration of poker is the psychological element, the war of nerves that is fought with bluffs among the challengers.

The live poker version, with real players sitting at the green table and real Croupier to direct the game action taken from the latest generation web cam and projected directly on our PC by the casino, have saved and transposed on the web also this very important element of Suspance, decreeing the definitive success of online poker.

The live version, which makes us live in such a vivid and exciting way the challenge to classic poker and its variants is available only in the best online casinos. You can find it in the casinos certified, supported by software of great sophistication produced by the giants of the sector such as Playtech or Microgaming. online poker: only game or even profession?

There are many testimonies, mainly from the youth world of online players, who speak to us of professional affirmation and economic independence generated and favored by online poker.

And if in the beginning the most denied the phenomenon, today even the most serious and independent newspapers take care of no more prejudices of the topic. online poker played constantly, moderation and prudence, being a game of skills rather than luck, creates constant and rather safe income. The online gaming house chosen to play poker is a legal and safe honesty, that is certified.

In fact, a casino must observe, among others, a fundamental rule, that of the payout, which makes it possible to earn by playing online. The gambling house can retain only a minimum part of the daily collection collected in the form of episodes and online bets, everything else must be returned to players in the form of winnings.

Hence, the legal and certified earns thanks to the gigantic catchment area. However, he also earns the player, thanks to poker, which is a game of skills in which systems and strategies can easily be used.

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