Rich The Blackjack Live of 888 Casino!

Always on the hunt for the best online casino bonus and the best offer at stake for Internet users we came across a really super promotion for the Blackjack Live of 888.
888 is one of the most compelling and exciting certified online casinos of the web. 888 and was a pioneer of Live games.

il Online casino 888, for this month and over, he decided to reward those who choose the live blackjack from his games menu: in February and until the end of the promotion, in fact, anyone who will sit at the live table reserved for Blackjack will have the opportunity to win up to 500 Euro in bonus, every day!

The day for each player of live blackjack live Out of 888 Casino starts at 2 pm and ends at 2 am; It is clear that you can rarely afford to sit down and win for 12 hours in a row, maybe!

But if you want to grab you one of the bonuses made available by the beautiful and very skilled Croupiers of live blackjack, which are, you have to say it, a show in the show, that is the time span in which you will absolutely have to sit and make your episode.

Just at 2 pm, in fact, the Croupier on duty mix the decks adding 12 additional bonus cards worth 25, 50, 75 and 100 euros to the cards.

During the live challenge on 888 Casino these bonus cards are caught by the players who can accumulate even more than one up to a total of 5 bonus cards per day.

In reality, the sum of the bonus cards included in the 888 casino Blackjack decks reaches 750 euros.

Since they can accumulate precisely up to 5 500 euros is the maximum pressable sum for each lucky player.

Play live with the Live Blackjack of 888

If you have never played live at Blackjack, this is the golden opportunity to enjoy this entertainment show!

888 Casino has always been a teacher in the live version of the green tables and its Croupiers are among the best professionals in circulation.

ACCREDITING TO THE BLACKJACK LIVE OF 888 CASINO IS VERY EASY: just make the filing and click from the menu on the chosen game situation; Of course, as in each certified casino on 888 Casino there is an excellent service of assistance to the player.

Follow the trepidating game of the bonus cards, which can make you win up to 500 euros in one day. Obviously the bonus is to be added to all any winnings, you can interact with both the live croupiers and with your table companions.

In fact, the Blackjack live of 888 Casino It is also in this sense a real social experience, which will be able to cancel all the physical distances to make you win and have fun in the company of people passionate about play like you.

Out of 888 Casino every live table dedicated to Blackjack can accommodate up to 6 players, who at the same time will try to challenge the counter to win the stakes.

The rules of Blackjack are very simple: whoever approaches more to 21 wins and pits everything.

Why choose 888

Blackjack also gives objective advantages to players on the counter, which often allow them to make beautiful winnings.
For example, the desk must compulsorily fish paper until it reaches at least 17 points, which is why it is easier for it.

By playing online at the Blackjack, the player can also afford in peace to count the cards to understand which game it is agreeing to do. In addition, the player will even be able to talk about strategies even with his teammates, ing them in chat.

There are many excellent reasons to choose the Blackjack Live on 888 Casino: Belle Croupiers, high chances of winning, rules for the player; For this month until the end of the promotion, however, there is one more reason: 12 bonus cards for a value of 750 euros! Read the Review 888 updated on August 1, 2022.

The other version of the Blackjack

Like all things there is also a negative sapet: the limited time you have to bet is more difficult to put in practice tricks and strategies. If you want to implement strategies and trucki we recommend playing another version of the Blackjack online

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