Roulette Online Americana Premium

Among the different versions of roulette available on Casino-Us-Online.coms, we describe this time the American premium variant, overseas sister of the well -known European and French roulette.
In practice, what distinguishes the American version Premium is the presence of double zero in addition to the traditional zero: that is, it is a 38 -numbers wheel instead of 37. At the moment it is not available in casino

The episodes

Let's now make a quick overview of the episodes of the American Roulette Premium practiced in the different The en plein, i.e. the episode on the single number, is generally paid 35 to 1. The horse, episode on two adjacent numbers, horizontal or vertical, is paid instead 17 to 1.
The triplet, episode on three numbers of a single vertical line is paid 11 to 1 while the carrè, episode on 4 numbers is paid 8 to 1. The so -called "first five" episode, that is, the episode on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 1, 2 and 3 is paid 6 to 1; The sestine, episode on six numbers, that is two adjacent triplets, is paid 5 to 1.
Coming to the less profitable episodes of the American Roulette Premium, the column, classic episode on 12 numbers, is paid 2 to 1; The dozen, focused on numbers from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 from, 25 to 36 is also paid 2 to 1. and lastly the episodes on 18 numbers, all paid 1 to 1: "red and black", "Even and odd" and "tall and low".

Even in the American roulette with double zero it is worth the rule en prison.

The advantage of the American online Roulette Premium

We conclude by pointing out a detail that will be appreciated above all by the neophytes of the American Roulette Premium, those who perhaps start playing with a less demanding episode from home on an, compared to a traditional mess: the boxes corresponding to your episode light up when You pass over with the mouse cursor: this allows you to avoid episodes errors. Another small advantage of online game technology on Casino If you think the American roulette does not do for you, you scle another version of the Roulette Online.

Roulette Online Americana Premium

The American Roulette Premium differs from the classic European one for alkue rules between and an important feature: in addition to zero, also present in the classic version, the American Roulette Premium also has a double zero, both characterized by green color.
Even in the American roulette Premium the player who focuses on the number, color or combination of numbers on which the ball stops at the end of his race on the roulette gets the victory.
The game takes place with the classic rules: at the beginning the Croupier invites the players to play their game, these point their chips on the table in pre -established points according to their intentions. Let's see which combinations of numbers can be aimed at the American Roulette Premium and with what rules.

The rules of the internal episodes in the American way

Depending on whether you want to focus on a single number, on two, three, six, or an entire sector you must know where to put your chips to reveal your game intentions to the Croupier.
And square: the simplest episode: a dry number, which can also be 0 or double 00, the Fiche rests exactly above it;
Cavallo: two nearby numbers horizontally or vertically, the chips settled at the turn of the two;
Triplet: if you want to focus on three vertical consecutive numbers, the chip should be put outside the cloth, at the turn of the first number of the row;
Carré: four numbers focused simultaneously. The Fiche rests at the intersection point;
Sestina: six numbers consisting of two contiguous triplets, Fiche gets on the edge of the green cloth, at the turn of the two triplets.

External episodes and double zero

Colonna: all 12 numbers of one of the three horizontal files are focused, Fiche is put on one of the three "2 to 1" boxes which indicates what this episode is paid;
DOZZINA: all 12 numbers of one of the three sectors in which the scoreboard is divided. This episode is also paid 2 to 1.
Red-black; Equal/odd: the concept is simple, without the need for explanation. The point is paid 1 to 1.
A last clarification before leaving with the game: if 0 or double 0 come out, unless you have expressly focused on them, for example with a special triplet (0.1 and 2 or 0.00,2) or With the episode called "of the first 5" (0.00,1,2,3,) you will have lost your mail.

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