French Roulette Premium Online

The French roulette has always represented the very essence of the casino, the main attraction of each game room, the most popular table, the most coveted place.

The French version Premium

The French Premium version, available for you in the best online gaming halls, will be able to give you the same emotions that many of you will have experienced in Montecarlo.
Already many times we wanted to underline which challenge represented for the Casino-Us-Online.coms to reproduce the premium French roulette mechanism, not only at the level of the randomness of the numbers but above all for the difficulty of the visual and sound performance of a ball launched at full speed in the gear; A much more difficult challenge than simulating a game of cards or slot machines, but which was to be faced and won to guarantee the online future of the casino. The French Roulette Premium is the most beautiful victory of the Casino Software Manufacturers.

Obviously there are other version of the Roulette Online In virtual casinos, it's up to you to choose the one you prefer

The emotion of the online game at the French Roulette Premium

Once the game software is downloaded online by an casino, possibly in the version Roulette With Croupier in flesh and blood, the best and most exciting version, you can start focusing your fiches on the green table, which in the French Roulette Premium is slightly larger, since the greater the chances of bet.
The moment of the episode is the most compelling, more than the moment when the ball runs because the wealth and sophistication of the French Roulette Premium on the other existing variants stands out: focusing on a single number, or on red and black it makes little sense to French roulette Premium, try to indulge yourself by focusing on the orphans or on the late chance or on the favorite one, on the manque and passed or on the horse.

Make your game, letting you drive by the fantastic software that the Casino-Us-Online.coms make available to you and that will indicate the chronology of the numbers released, your episodes, your winnings and, in the most sophisticated versions the neighboring numbers and the table of the episodes Announced. Really nothing is missing from the premium version of the French roulette, available in the casino, to enthusiastically enthusiastically demanded.

The French Roulette's French version is the best known, the one from which the American or pro premium variants were born; The numbers on which to bet are 36 the zero divided into red and black, even and odd.
The player must guess which number the ball will stop on, positioning his chips on the green cloth.

Of course the simplest episode, but also the most difficult to make, is the one on a single number; But there are many other types of episodes that include more numbers, thus increasing the chances of victory.

Learning the rules of the French Roulette Premium means learning about the various types of episodes. Here we will list them all. In the end you will know all the rules and you will be able to play by experts.

All the episodes of the French Roulette Premium

Internal episodes:
To aim only one number: place the chips above that number, the episode is called en plein; will be paid 35 to 1.
Cheval: Two numbers are focused at the same time, near vertically or horizontally. Fiche gets to horseback of them.
Terzina: three consecutive numbers, the chip goes on the external edge of the first number of 3.
Carrè: four numbers close to forming a square; It is paid 8 to 1; The tokens settled in the center of the square.

External episodes:
Column: the numbers are arranged on the green cloth in three columns of 12 numbers each. Positioning the chips on the external edge of the latest number of a column focused on the release of one of the 12 column numbers.
DOZZINA: The 36 numbers are divided into 3 dozen indicated in 3 squares in the lower part of the table. Put your tokens in one of the three pane to focus on a dozen.

Other episodes concern red or black, the peer or odd.
Finally you can bet that the number that will come out will be low, between 1/18 or high, between 18/36.

Rules of the announced episodes

Other rules of the French Roulette Premium concern the announced episodes that are not made on the green cloth but on the wheel.

Here the numbers follow one another accidentally so the various sectors of it become the subject of special episodes:

Close to 0: the sector that includes the numbers to the raised and left of 0;
Tiers: the sector with the most distant numbers from 0;
Orfanelli: the numbers between the neighbors and Tiers;
EN Plein Finale: all the numbers that end with the same figure.
Now you know all the rules necessary to play your game at the French Roulette Premium!

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