roulette online pro premium

The online Roulette Pro Premium conveys perfectly, also via the web, the excitement of the crowd around the table, the excitement of the episodes, the chips that are arranged on the table and then, suddenly, the silence and suspense that grows; Until the ball does not end its race on the wheel, determining winners and losers.

Even more exciting and compelling of the classic version is the online Casino-Us-Online pro premium version of the game. Pro Premium, in fact, means multiple episodes, more winnings and consequently much more fun.

Pro Premium version: in nth degree roulette

The Pro Premium version present in all certified online casinos can be defined as a "concentrate" of the roulette, because, providing for a whole series of additional episodes, in addition to making the game action more stimulating, also multiply the your possibilities of winning.

The screenshot of the online roulette Pro Premium difference from that of the classic roulette for a fundamental reason: next to the classic track of numbers there is a second, smaller.

Here the numbers follow one another, reflecting the same order as those of the cylinder, making it possible to make particular episodes that allow you to increase the possibility of spotting the victory at each round of the ball. Obviously for those with a more classic taste there are many other versions of the Roulette Online.

Special episodes of Roulette Pro Premium

The episodes that can be made on the classic track are well -known. Let's dwell then on the exclusive ones of the Pro Premium version

  • Third of the cylinder: indicates the group of 12 consecutive numbers on the cylinder arranged in an opposite way compared to zero
  • Neighbors of Zero: group of 17 consecutive numbers on the cylinder arranged on the sides of zero
  • Orfanelli: the 8 numbers excluded from the previous two episodes
  • Episode on the final: all the numbers that end with the same figure are aimed at one time

Of course you can play the Pro Premium roulette in any of the certified online casinos.

In fact, all operators in the sector, always attentive to the evolution and changes in the tastes of the players, have noticed that these, among the wide range of games available online, increasingly prefer the enriched and enhanced versions of the classic games.

The online roulette Pro Premium is overwhelmingly affirming itself as the game of the moment on the web.

The rules of the game

Roulette Pro Premium is a very fun variant of the French Roulette Premium We recommend it to those expert players who wanted to go down even more in the game by aiming double and increasing, beyond the fun, also the chances of winning.

The rules are the same as the roulette, but, next to the classic scoreboard there is another smaller one in which the numbers are arranged as they follow each other on the wheel of the roulette. This second scoreboard gives you the opportunity to make additional episodes, increasing suspense and winnings.
The numbers are always 36, between reds and blacks, with the addition of green 0. The rules are simple and easy to remember.

The classic episodes of the roulette

The Roulette table allows a very rich series of episodes, some extremely simple such as the en plein, the horse, the triplet or the carrè who mean to focus on a dry number (the most difficult episode to be made, the most paid, 1 A 35), on two contiguous numbers, on a horizontal row of three numbers (the so -called triplet) or on four numbers arranged in a square.

These games are called "internal" as well as the sestine, with which 2 adjacent triplets are aimed; And the first 4, episode to bet on the exit of one of the first 4 numbers, including 0.
The external episodes, on the other hand, are: the column, which collects all the numbers of one of the three files in which the scoreboard is horizontally divided; The dozen, which combines the 12 numbers of one of the three sectors in which the scoreboard is further divided and finally the red/black and the peer/odd.

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Additional rules of the Pro Premium version

Let's deal with the track formed by the number of the Pro Premium version and see its special rules:
Neighbors of zero: The 17 numbers of the track are focused simultaneously which, starting from 22 to finish at 25, include 0 and which are divided into a hat -trick, a carrè and five horses.
Tier: The 12 numbers opposed to the 0 between 17 and 23 are focused in the form of 6 horsepower.
Epissed at the end: all the numbers that end with the same amount are focused.
Orfanelli: The numbers excluded from the previous episodes Voisins du Zero and Tier are focused.

Check in the table specifies how much the various episodes are paid, in particular the special ones, particularly rich. Payout is set around 97.30%.
Here are the rules of the Pro Premium version. Good luck!

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