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The best roulette casino August 2022

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The popularity of this game can be attributed to several factors. First of all there is its simplicity. It is a game that can also be practiced by those who do not know the rules and for which no skills are needed.

Another reason for the its success can be identified in randomness which determines the results of the game. Nothing like a wheel on which a ball turns that stops on a number can evoke the power of the case or luck. There are no strategies that guarantee the particular result or skills: guessing a number is only a question of fate games.

So the online roulette appears as A very democratic game, in particular for simple episodes. These are within everyone's reach and give about one chance to win. online roulette versions

Online there are many games of web roulette with very imaginative variants of the traditional wheel. These are a little crazy two -wheeled versions, with giant or tiny wheels, invented by the software manufacturers for online casinos. Apart from these, the main types of roulette are 5:

Roulette Americana Premium

In this version of the online roulette, found 38 numbers instead of the usual 37. At zero, in fact, the Americans, always lovers of spectacularizations, added the double zero.

The full number is paid 35 times, while the other episodes are similar to the classic version. Available on all casino online often also in a live version. Laws Roulette Online Americana

Roulette Pro Premium

This version of the online roulette allows many additional episodes by increasing the possibility of victory At each tour of the roulette, but also the show and fun.

In fact, alongside the classic episodes there are others, which can be carried out on a second track that resumes the succession of numbers as arranged in the wheel. Suitable for already expert players who want to test themselves with a more articulated version of the game. Laws roulette online pro premium

Roulette 3D

It is certainly the version of the game of the most spectacular and incredible roulette, exceptional both for visual and sound performance 3D online roulette is absolutely worth trying because it has been developed, with amazing results, by the greatest genes of the software to fulfill the players' dreams.

Usually offered with the rules of the French roulette This roulette has only one zero and 36 numbers to focus, divided between red and black, on the green cloth. Laws Roulette 3D

French Roulette Premium

The Classic roulette par excellence, also known as European roulette who made the history of the game in the past centuries, the one from which all the other existing variants have arisen. It develops with 36 numbers zero.

The dry number is paid 36 times, one more than the American version. The other numbers are aimed in various combinations: Sestine, columns, cheval, dozens, equal or odd, red or black. Laws French Roulette Premium.

Live Roulette with live Croupier

Among the versions of the most successful online roulette we find live roulette with live Croupier. It is a real roulette managed by live croupier that are taken from a web cam.

So, the player connects with a real television study that takes up various play tables of an online casino. Among the games offered there are various versions of online roulette such as French (European at single zero) or the American (double zero) but also other casino classics such as Blackjack, Poket or Baccarat. Legal casinos in USA certified by ADM offer these games an approved and controlled version

The episodes to the roulette

In the roulette you can distinguish different types of episode, the best known are the episode on the single number and all the simple episodes.

The episode on the single number is also called plein or full, and that's the one that is paid for the most. In the French roulette, for example, it is paid 35 times. The Plein episode is also the most difficult to guess: the probability is 1/37.

At the opposite extreme there are the simple episodes or Chances Simples. These are three types of episode in which the player has almost one chance to win. The win pays once the sum episode.

The simple episodes are as follows:

  • You seem to be disappearing
  • Numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36
  • red or black

We said that with simple episodes, you will have almost one chance to win. The quasi It is due to the presence of zero or double zero. In fact, Zeri determine the advantage of the counter.

The other episodes of the Casino Roulette

In addition to simple episodes and plein, there are also episodes that cover different combinations of numbers.

Here are the main combinations of the game:

  • Cheval o cavallo - It consists of an episode on a couple of numbers, pays 17 times.
  • Triplet - In this case we focus on three numbers together. Pay 11 times the sum episode.
  • Carrè or Quatina - The episode is distributed on four numbers, pays the sum of 4 times the amount.
  • Sestine - We focus on 6 numbers and you win 5 times the sum episode.
  • Dozen - It can be the first, the second and third, pay the episode 2 time
  • Column - Here too it can be the first, the second and third, pay the episode 2 time.

Special sections on the numbered table allow you to easily focus on these systems.

Probability of winning at roulette

In the Roulette game the probability of winning changes if from the French roulette you move on to the American roulette which has an extra number. For convenience we analyze The probability to French roulette at 37 numbers (including zero).

With the episode on the single number, you will have 1 chance out of 37 to win The 1/37 ratio corresponds to a charm of 2.7%. The calculation to be made is 1: 37 = 0.027 which multiplied x 100 gives you the percentage that represents your probability.

With the episode on the dozen, or on the column the situation changes, you will have 12/37 possibilities to win, that is 32.4% of possibilities.

We have already said that with simple chances you have the idea of having one chance out of two, but is it really the case? Each simple chance corresponds to 18 boxes on the table, therefore you will have 18/37, namely 48.6% probability. So not exactly 50%, and the reason lies in the presence of 0. This in simple chance always guarantees an advantage at the counter of 2.7%.

The strategy in the Roulette game

Being completely based on the case, applying a strategy to the game of roulette is not so simple.

In the history of traditional game and casinos there are legendary stories of large roulette winnings. But these are systems that have worked on a specific roulette at the table of a traditional casino. Situations of other times, in which the factory defect of a wheel could be used to increase its chances of winning.

An example is the case of Joseph Jaggers who had discovered that the Montecarlo casino wheel gave frequent results on 9 numbers. The man, in 1873, obtained from that winning roulette for over 1.5 million francs.

In 1891, always at the Montecarlo casino, Charles Wells He began to win below always focusing on his lucky numbers. The story was also narrated in a film.

Are there game strategies for online casinos?

Today with online roulette in web casinos it is difficult to think of such mechanisms in order to win. Roulette in online casinos is based on software with completely random results generated by an algorithm So there are no strategies that can predict them. Even the casino does not have the opportunity to know the results of the games in advance.

This does not mean that there are no strategies that can help to win at the game of online roulette. It must be said, however, that almost all strategies are based on the management of the episodes.

Below we offer you the most common. You can also try them in the versions of Roulettes for free in test mode available in the best online casinos.

Martingala system

The Martingala system is one of the best known and applies to simple episodes. This method requires playing doubled the amount of the episode after each loss Using this system, all game losses will sooner or later be covered by a clear win.

Example: points 2 $, lose, and at the next lap points $ 4, you still lose, at the next lap points 8 $ and win. In all you aimed $ 14 and you won 16, with a profit of 2.

As you can guess if you are in a particularly unfortunate day you can get to play very substantial episodes in a short time. In addition, the final gain is not very high.

Dozen system

The dozen system requires playing on two dozen different from the one to which the latest issue belongs to.

On the first lap it is observed which number comes out and then at the next two equal chips are positioned on the two non -winning dozen. If you win you can repeat the same operation. If, on the other hand, you lose you have to focus on the same dozen, doubled your bet.

In this system there are no guarantees of winning, we advise you to play to try it at a free roulette before doing it with real money.

Red black system

This system is very popular, it is also known as doubling, and is based on the simple red or black episode. You have to choose the color to focus on during the game.

Example: begin by focusing 1 $ on red. If you win, retire $ 1 and start again. On the contrary, if you lose, at the next lap you will fear 2 $. If you still lose the next lap you will always fear $ 4 on red.

Suppose that you win, you will have obtained $ 8, of which 7 are the various episodes you made, and 1 $ the earnings.

This system It is based on the idea that red and black have the same probability of going out And that it is unlikely that one of the two colors never comes out. So at a certain point, even if you are particularly unlucky, all the losses will recover.

The column system

The column system is a little more demanding and suitable for being tried in online casinos. This requires having a certain budget available to be aimed as described later.

Before starting you have to draw a scheme with 36 boxes, distributed on 9 columns and 4 strokes, and numeral it. You will have to do some turns trying to lose as little as possible. At each number extracted you will have to mark it on your scoreboard. When you have marked 3 out of 4 numbers of the same column, you can focus a chip on each of the 4 numbers.

You will have to repeat the episode for a maximum of 8 times The system is tested to go up to the ninth attempt. Beyond you have to stop because if you continue even if you win you won't recover the episodes.

Live roulette in online casinos

Live roulette is also available in many online casinos. In practice you can play by connecting to live streaming with a real game table and a professional croupier.

You will find yourself aiming in the company of other players and the game results will not be determined by software. In fact there will be a real wheel with a real ball.

Playing the Live Roulette is an experience very similar to the one that is done in a traditional casino. The presence of the Croupier at the table launches a ball makes the whole game experience more engaging.

In addition, Roulette Live offers some advantages given by technology, such as the summary of the latest episodes, the latest numbers released. You can also communicate with Croupier and players and try different ways of viewing the game table.

Short history of the Roulette game

Although Roulette as we know it today has spread to France in the eighteenth century, its origins could go back to the time of the ancient Romans.

To play, these used the real wheel of a war wagon, with an arrow that determined the winners. As for the origins of French rouletteMany attribute it to Blaise Pascal. The mathematician, In the seventeenth century he was trying to create a perpetual motorcycle machine, and he would invent the first roulette.

Others think that it derives from the merger of several existing games. The current name was used for the first time in 1716 in Bordeaux. The structure of the wheel, as we know it now, dates back to 1790.

A curiosity, the sum of the numbers of the French roulette gives 666 as a result often the roulette has been put as the game of the devil.

Frequent questions

In USA many online casinos offer an online casino section with Live Roulette. All these sites are safe if they have an license. To choose, evaluate the number of roulette rooms present and the opening hours, and if the Croupier are American. You can also select the best casinos based on the Welcome Bonus, so you can play free roulette with a no deposit bonus.

Yes and it is very popular in the live sections of the best legal casinos in USA. Here you will find several game rooms with many versions of the roulette. From French to European and American roulette. You can also experience games like Roulette with 2 balls, or with two wheels and many different variants The Croupier will be connected live streaming, will launch a real ball and you can attend the game from different perspectives. All by aiming comfortably from the sofa at home.

In online casino there are several ways to play free roulette. For example, many sites make the version of the Free Roulette in Test mode. It will be useful to play without real money and maybe try some strategy In addition, many online casinos offer new interesting without deposit bonuses that allow you to play without having to recharge the game account.

In online roulette the advantage of the counter can vary according to the type of game. In fact, the presence of double zero increases the advantage in favor of the casino slightly. In the European and French roulette, with a single zero, this determines an advantage of the bench of 2.7%. With the double zero of the American roulette, the advantage rises to 5.26%. Clearly we are talking about the simple episodes, which are those in which the probability of winning is greater. The advantage of the counter increases with the other episodes and reaches the maximum with the plein.

Powering on red or black is one of the easiest things to do at online roulette. But red and black also represent The base for episode systems that allow you to win at online roulette For example the doubling system. This is based on the assumption that red or black numbers can never come out below. So if you always focus on red, or on black, and double the episode after each loss, in the end you will recover the money spent and win. You can try this and other free roulette strategies in demo mode, available in Casino-Us-Online.coms.

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