Skrill among the best payment methods for online casino

Skrill It is one of the payment methods of favorite online casinos by players who love the speed of transactions. It is a tool that allows you to transfer money instantaneously and safely, is in fact authorized by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority.

Born in London in 2001, Initially the product was called Moneybookers, since 2011 the re-branding operation started with the current name. Thanks to this e-wallet it is possible to send and receive money all over the world, just register on the site and create your account. In fact, about 40 currencies accepted for transactions with Skrill, and 200 countries where the service is active.
For about a decade Skrill has been offered as an ideal tool for those who practice remote game. And in fact this Electronic wallet is widely used both on betting sites, and on online casinos and poker rooms.

Use Skrill for payments in online casinos and e-commerce

The advantages deriving from the use of Skrill for payments in online casinos and on any e-commerce site are many. We list some of them:

  • You can always pay everywhere, even from mobile devices
  • Quick payments
  • Safe transactions
  • It can be connected to all cards and bank accounts
  • There are no transactions costs

Among the points listed Safety is probably the factor that most interests those who play online The protection of your transactions on a game site is fundamental. Thanks to Skrill you will not have to connect your current account or your cards directly to the game account. All transactions will take place using only their email address Personal data and transactions will be safe also thanks to the work of the Skrill anti-family team. All information is transmitted in an encrypted way through PCI-DSS standards. In this way their data and funds are safe from interception attempts by third parties.

Quickness is also fundamental for those who play online, and using Skrill all transactions, both debit and accredited, are immediate. Also by activating the function Skrill 1 tap, it will be possible to pay instantly without even having to enter emails and passwords.

For those who want to have a physical card it is possible to request the card Prepaid Skrill Mastercard This can be used for normal payments and to withdraw money from the account from the ATM counters. It is a card is issued by Paysafe Financial Services Limited and complies with all the necessary safety requirements. The safety standards are equal to those of the most famous Postepay.

Use Skrill in the ADM online casinos

Many players do not yet have a gaming account on one of the Safe online casino, for fear of making virtual transactions. Today these fears can be dormant thanks to electronic wallets like Skrill, who keep our accounts safe.

Most of the ADM online casino accepts Skrill among payment methods. Just take a ride on the sites of the various operators and scroll through the homepage to the end. The lower part shows the logos of the different methods of payment and withdrawal accepted, among which we will also find that of Skrill.
In addition, in the information relating to transactions or faq, the casino report all the info on the different methods. Among these we will find the timing, which for Skrill provide immediate charges and accreditation. In addition, the minimum and the maximum sum that can be paid and withdraw with each operation will be specified for each casino.

Recall that Skrill is ideal for use in adm casino adm but is widely accepted for payment on thousands of sites. Use Skrill for all transactions rewards those who do it thanks to the loyalty program: Skrill Knect This allows those who use Skrill to collect points for each transaction. These points can be converted into cash vouchers, dedicated discounts, free bets and much more.

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