Slot Machine Alien Robots: at the top of the satisfaction charts

The deep space, which tells and portrays us Final Machine Free Produced by Netent Alien Robots, it is a friendly, colorful and fun place. The small robots protagonists of this beautiful slot machine, in fact, are more similar to sociable and funny animals than to real traditional aliens. Unlike the other now mythical slot machine inspired by aliens, Alien precisely, this is cheerful and light -hearted, more similar to a cartoon than a fear film.

As for technical characteristics, the Alien Robots slot machine has many strengths, which make it much loved by gaming enthusiasts and free Machine slot machines. For example, the graphics are particularly impactful and well congenital: the drawings, the colors, the location are designed to the best to make the game experience as pleasant as possible. The protagonists of the Alien Robots slot machine are small robots with very low, almost chromed and shimmering colors; The blue resembles a small tank with sweet and kind eyes, the green one is very similar to an electronic dog, the yellow one moves on a single wheel, the orange one and the last, the red, they look at us from the rollers making us wide smiles

We can rest assured with the free online slot machine Casino-Us-Online alien robots: no cruel and carnivorous monster will fall on the rollers making us jump on the armchair; Even the ringing sound accompaniment immediately proves to be nice and captivating, nothing to do with the dark and anxious sounds of much more dismal and fearful slot machines.

Opportunities for free laps

Turning to analyze how much the Alien Robots slot machine, produced by Netent for free online casinos, can make winning immediately find good news: the symbols are very generous, even those who actually should be worth less.

With Alien Robots you win not only by hitting winning combinations on active winning lines but in any position on the rollers. In fact, it is enough that the symbols are adjacent to each other. In this way the winning combinations that can appear on the 5 rollers and on the 30 lines are even 243.

In the payments table we find note of the value of each winning combination. The simplest symbols, the letter J, Q, K A, which in poker indicate, in addition to 10, the figures and the axes, can be won already from 75 to 300 euros. Going up in the ranking of the most generous winning symbols we find the robots. The protagonists of the Slot Machine Free Alien Robots are worth 200 and then up, up to 10,000 euros.

The other allies, which the players will find in the free Alien Robots slot machine slot, to win up to 50,000 euros with a single round of rollers are the Wild symbols, which in free laps become Expanding Sticky Wilds, which means they will make sure to procure many more winnings. In addition, very well promising are also the scatter symbols that can appear random on the rollers of the main level, to procure from 10 to 50 free laps. Read the mathematical probability of slot machines.

Slot Machine Alien Robots

A nice graphics, a pleasant sound accompaniment and a relaxing and fun location: those who want to play in joy can rely on confidence at the Alien Robots slot machine, will remain happy with it.

But this nice slot machine is not just a nice Product for Casino Netten, is also an excellent gain system. The important thing is to start on the right foot and not dare too much from the beginning.

The possibilities of winning are many, even 243, so it will be very simple to spot a winning combination on the rollers. The episodes will have to grow as the player account will be enriched, at that point it will be natural to dare more to win even better. Also the Payout of the Slot Machine Online

Alien Robots seems to be done on purpose to win easily: it is in fact even established to 96.30%, which means that, for 100 euros played, 96.30 return to the winnings to the players.

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