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The Cubis Arcade Game Slot Machine is inspired by one of the much loved Arcade games of the 90s. The style is similar to the classic arcade such as Tetris and Puzzle Bubble. Well, Cubis Arcade Game is available in the 888 online casino. Together with Bejeweled 888 It is among the most played slot machines.

Cubis slot machine is a game that cannot be framed only in the slot category. It is in fact an arcade game that was a successful video game. In the Slot version it has maintained all its retro charm.

Today, Cubis Arcade Game is a new and original way of winning online in casinos legalized in USA by

Cubis Arcade Games a mix of back and innovation

Cryptologic is the software house that created the Cubis Arcade Game slot machine, which we think a real gem!

The style, the graphics, the colors of Cubis refer to arcade video games, in all for everything. It is a "soft slot" framing there are no rollers and the game action involves the use of colored cubes. In fact, 75 cubes are arranged on each lap on the base and two sides of an open cube, in an even three -dimensional game environment.

The atmosphere, the sound background and the graphics come directly from the Arcade Video Games but the Games of the Cubis slot belong to this era. The era of innovation that give you without limits.

How you win inside the cube

Cubis has 4 Games bonuses to play: line bombs, square bombs, nuclear bombs and the Wild Bonus nut.

The game combinations are 360. Cubis cubes fall into waterfall, 25 for each face of the open cube. Every time a line or area is made up of pieces of the same color, from 4 to 10, a win is grossed.

Like online slot machines with avalanche rollers, winning cubes explode every time and give way to neighbors, to create new combinations. In the Cubis Arcade slot, each color has its own value: the yellow cubes come to pay up to 5,000 tokens and then go up, up to the diamond cubes, which also pay the bet 4,000 times.

I Bonus di Cubis slot machine arcade

The slot machine cubis arcade games and rich in bonus:

  • The scheduled bomb is a bonus that 4 cubes, making them disappear and propitting new winning combinations
  • The square bomb, on the other hand, destroys a whole wall of the cube, to have a new chance of winning
  • The nuclear bomb, which sweeps everything away: the 75 cubes are replaced by 75 others for a new lap and a new gift!
  • The Wild Bonus nut is random and multiplies the winnings obtained by the total number of dice: you can win up to 10,000 coins!

Play free without deposit at the Cubis slot

On the online casino 888 you can play for free at the Arcade Cubis Game slot. 888 Trying to indulge those who have a passion for slot machines with an offer that includes both innovative slots and revisits of arcade games such as Cubis Game.

To the new players, 888 offers generous no deposit bonuses to try the games for free and then excellent bonuses on the first deposit to increase fun and winnings. The terms and conditions to withdraw the real slots won with bonuses even without having deposited.

888 ideal casino if you like news also in the world of online game, if in addition to classic situations. 888 Casino likes to experiment in fact just 888 invented the game in a live version. But there is never an end to his desire for innovation: live games seen on TV, such as your or the money drops and of course arcade games such as the Cubis Arcade Game slot.

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