Slot Pierino tries his luck

Low volatility means win contained, but frequent
RTP 94,1% The percentage of play returned in win to players

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The Pierino slot machine attempts luck is a game produced by the software house Gameonline, present in many casino It is a made in USA slot, produced by an American company that offers a subject that is part of our tradition.

Pierino is in fact a character of our comic culture that has its roots very far away In fact, he dates back to the comic entitled Pierino, created by Antonio Rubino and published starting from 1910 on Corriere dei Piccoli.

From the 80s onwards this character entered the popular culture overwhelmingly thanks to the interpretations of Alvaro Vitali.

The protagonist of many American comedy films, Pierino is a funny character who has always ready a few pranches. We find it in this slot, more brat than ever.

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Who is Gameonline?

The manufacturer of this slot machine, present in the legal casinos in USA is Giocoonline. It is a rather young company, founded in Milan in 2009.

The company has classic American games in the catalog, Fantasy Games, Skill Games, Casino Games such as Roulette and online slots. In these games he often uses elements of our culture as the theme.

For example, among the slots in the catalog you will find one inspired by the Divine Comedy, Pizza Express, the dance of the here and obviously also Pierino.

In short, a company of Software per Casino Online Which proposes Made in USA by focusing on quality, research and innovation.

Frequent questions

Yes, the Pierino slot is present in several casino, where it is also available in free game mode. Remember that in the demo version you will not be able to win real money.

The Pierino slot machine is the product of 100% American software house. These are Giocoonline that also produces Skill Games, fantasy across other casino games.

The Pierino slot is present in many legal Casino-Us-Online.coms in USA. Here you can find this and other games produced by Gameonline, and play with real money after regularly subscribing to you.

Yes, the Pierino online slot machine is also available in a mobile version. Just access this slot from your mobile device, smartphone or tablet, without the need to download any application.

Features of the online slot Pierino attempts luck

This slot has a 5*3, 30 winning lines of winning, low volatility and RTP of 94.05%. Find out everything about volatility of slot machines.

The game and symbols refer to a school environment. Among the basic symbols there are colored numbers representing the low votes taken by Pierino. It starts from 3+, then there is 4 and a half, and 5 less-moral.

More generous the two classmates of Pierino, so there is the beautiful blonde teacher. To finish our protagonist, a more generous symbol, with its school uniform and in hand a balloon full of water.

Then there are 4 special symbols:

  • The bomb that acts as Wild And it can replace all symbols except for other specials. In combinations of 5 pay x2,000.
  • The logo of the Pierino slot tries fortune This is a very important symbol, in fact in combinations of 4 or 5 it can start the Jackpot.
  • The lock symbol is the scatter, that when it appears on rollers 1, 2 and 3 starts the game
  • The symbol of the slingshot can instead give 3, 4 or 5 free spin.

The bonus game of the Pierino slot attempts luck

The bonus symbol is represented by a hole of a lock, through which you can see a female silhouette. 3 symbols on rollers 1.2 and 3 are enough to activate The bonus mode.

In this game you will have to choose one of 6 doors. This will open and if behind there is a teacher at the next level and you can choose another door. You can advance up to the sixth level. If, on the other hand, the principal is behind the door, the game ends, and win the sum of the previous level.

Here is the pattern of the winnings based on the levels:

  • First level: episode x 10
  • Second level: episode x 15
  • Third level: episode x 25
  • Fourth level: episode x 50
  • Fifth level: episode x 100
  • Sixth level: episode x 200

The free spin of the online slot pierino

When the symbol of the slingshot It appears everywhere on the rollers in combinations of 3, 4 or 5 you will get the free spins. Before starting with free laps you can play to increase them and to get multipliers.

There are 12 blackboards in front of you and you will have to choose one. For each blackboard you will increase number of free laps and multipliers. This procedure stops when behind the blackboard you will find the principal.

You can get up to 30 free laps, while the total episode can be multiplied up to X30. But it does not end here, during the free laps you can get others if other free spin symbols appear.

Jackpot mode

The Pierino slot is among the Online slot paying the most, in fact with 4 or 5 logos of the game, not only you get a win of 50 time the episode, but you can enter the Jackpot mode. You will participate in game Pierino tries to fortuna, in which a wheel of the fortune designed on the blackboard will determine your participation in the prize pool.

Your probability increases as you increase the episode you made. For example, with an episode of $ 3 you have 10% of the probability, with an episode of $ 30 AI 100%.

Once you have had access to the Jackpot mode You will have the certainty of winning one of 4 progressive prize pools at stake. And the Jackpot game will begin here.

You will have to do 10 laps, with three symbols: Pierino, the teacher and the classmate, all in great dusting. Based on the score you get at the end You can win the jackpot mini, medium, maxi, or super.

Graphics and sounds

A nice animation video introduces the slot by presenting us Pierino, already intent on performing Marachelle at school, and the other characters of the slot.

The slot of the slot reproduces a school class in which Pierino is ready to make some mess. The symbols refer to the school environment, such as the bad votes, classmates and the teacher. All are characterized by A nice and colorful cartoon style two -dimensional.

A bored Pierino, on the side of the screen he rolls his yo-yo, but if you begin to turn the rollers, here it is attentive to follow the game and animated. On the left side of the screen there are the 4 jackpots up for grabs.

The whole game is accompanied by a whistled music that creates the classic cheerful climate of American comedy. Sound effects underline combinations and important moments.

Evaluation of the Pierino slot tries fortune

The Slot Machine Pierino tries fortune is a very particular game that offers players something unique and very American. This slot tells us who we were and brings Pierino's humor back, who crossed over a century to be reborn on the rollers. For this reason, a great merit must be recognized to the Giocaonline provider.

Theme aside, the slot is really fun thanks to 4 special symbols, which can help you get winnings in normal turns or to give you extra games. Fun, free laps and multipliers enrich the games. And in addition there is the possibility of participating At the game Jackpot and ensure a progressive prize pool.

In short, the good mood reigns sovereign in this slot, and thanks to its characteristics it will also be transmitted to your games.

Suitable for those who love particular, colorful, fun slots and with many special symbols.

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