Snai celebra Halloween con slot e roulette live Halloween Fortune

Given the great success that the beautiful is achieving slot Free Halloween Fortune in the virtual halls of Casino, Snai has decided in collaboration with Playtech to involve one of its live rooms in Roulette and Blackjack in the setting.

In this period the cities and houses are filled with colored pumpkins, masks monsters and parties dedicated to horror and fear: Halloween has now firmly become an American calendar party. No surprise, therefore, that even online casinos, especially the American ones at 100% like Snai, are riding the atmosphere and expectation of the most chilling party of the year with games, slot machines, live roulette's live tables.

The software house find above all in the slot machines the game that, par excellence, lends itself to each version, theme, setting and atmosphere. Slot machine a tema Halloween there are hundreds of them, including the famous Blood sucker di Netent Snai has almost all of them, and they speak to us from their rollers of every era, place, history, movie, comics: here is also the free Halloween Fortune slot machine of Playtech for Snai.

What surprised us, that we just didn't expect, is the brilliant idea of the duo Snai Playtech: decorating a live room with the setting of the Slot machine online The black castle and the gray forest of the free Halloween Fortune slot is the backdrop to the live situation dedicated to roulette and blackjack, where even the Croupier, for the occasion, are three and all dressed and made up like the striptes of the slot machine: Beautiful, sexy and smiling!

All about the free Halloween Fortune slot

The scheme is classic, with 20 lines and 5 rollers. The maximum bet is 1 euro per line with twenty active lines, therefore 20 euros; The minimum is 0.01 cents per line: only for those who play for fun!

The symbols follow one another on the rollers, accompanied by sounds of chains and sighs of ghosts and, with a decent total bet, they can win a lot. Suffice it to say that 5 symbols, even minors, in sequences of 5 doubles from a minimum of 100 times to a maximum of 300 the initial bet on the winning line.

The most generous symbols of the free Halloween Fortune slot machine slot are witches, which are worth up to 400, 500 and 1000 times the initial bet.

The most interesting and rich symbols, however, are the Wild and the bonus game. The Wild, in addition to behaving like a joker, can also make the bet on the line 10,000 times, if it appears in sequences of 5; The run, on the other hand, makes up to 50 times the total bet on all lines.

The free slot bonus game dedicated to witches is very fun but above all potentially truly generous. With only two bonus symbols on the rollers, instead of the usual 3, you access the free bonus: by choosing one of the witches you will determine the rpm, which can reach 20; By choosing the secret ingredient of the potion, winning multipliers are determined, up to 10x.

Payout at 97, 68%, among the highest in the period.

Streed Live Roulette !!

The Halloween Fortune slot is produced by Playtech And Snai, to celebrate its success, asked the software house to build live rooms with the same theme, in which to play blackjack and roulette. It is a funny idea and can also indicate a future, in which live play and slot machines will be able to put in common atmospheres and settings.

We'd like! For now, those who choose Snai can have a taste of what it means to turn the roulette and challenge the counter to the blackjack, accompanied by Dealer and Croupier disguised as the protagonists of one of the most famous and loved slots of the Halloween Fortune moment!

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