Star Casino lancia Immersive Roulette

The stars Casino Roulette have always been on with the times; His programmers are constantly looking for new software that make the online gaming experience alive and compelling.

To date, the attention of Star Casino had focused on slot machines, the best of all the web, in fact, are found in its virtual rooms: better for plot, special effects, made visual and prize pool.

Today, however, Star Casino, overcoming herself, gives us a new version of the game of Roulette Online To leave enchanted: pure, three -dimensional show, which outclasses the splendid live version.

Thanks to Star Casino, therefore, there is a new way of virtually launching the ball on the roulette and sitting at the green table in the company of beautiful live croupier for Roulette.

The new version launched by Star Casino is called immersive roulette and, the name also says it, it is a real 3D immersion, possible thanks to highly refined recovery and visual yield technologies.

The images are very high definition, the three -dimensional shots and the views of the table and roulette available to players unthinkable only recently.

To have a quick idea of what we are talking about, it will not even be necessary to download the software of the new game version: immersive roulette, in fact, is available in the flash version directly from the Star Casino platform. Immediately play without wasting time with download, then: ideal for each player.

Star Casino Roulette Immersive

With the immersive version of Star Casino roulette you go beyond the table Live with live Croupier: The feeling you will have will not be to simply sit at the table. Directly from the Venice casino
This is no longer that the glance that the webcams intend to make.

The experience is much more totalizing.
In fact, you will have three -dimensional high -definition shots of different parts of the table and even the slow motion mode to live even more intensely the ball race on the roulette.

Immersive Roulette of Star Casino also manages to make the game even more pleasant and smooth.
In fact, it allows us to be in constant connection, thanks to the live chat mode, with the Croupier. Obviously it is also possible to the assistance service, available 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, Star Casino has expressly asked for some improvement changes to the immersive version of the roulette.
In fact, there is the possibility for players to save every single play.

Having a visual trace of the outcome of the previous episodes, in case someone wants to delight with statistical methods and systems.

Up to $ 1,000 bonus with Star Casino

The opportunity to play Roulette in the brand new immersive version of Star Casino is truly gluttonous. Blessed are those who can also take advantage of the welcome bonus that Star Casino reserves for his new players! Furthermore Rolex Oyster Perpetual are rolled up.
The bonus in fact reaches up to 100% of the amount of the first deposit. Additional for a maximum of 1000 euros. In addition, another 10 euros are added by Star Casino for free to the validation of the player account.

Safe online casino as Star Casino, now offer the most high quality entertainment. Each goal achieved is only the starting point for a new, increasingly ambitious goal.

For example, let's think about the live tables of Blackjack, poker, and Roulette herself.

IFNATTI, until very little time ago they considered themselves unsurpassed for show and visual yield. What could be done more than bringing the latest generation web Cam directly to the house, thanks to the game room with its beautiful Croupier?

Star Casino thought about it and understood that more could be done. With Immersive Roulette the player no longer sits at the game table, you immerse yourself!

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