Star Casino: Rolex and Pay TV Card with the competition now I know!

On Star Casino, one of the Casino ons Sikuri, a magnificent and sumptuous super promotion starts: a carousel made of unmissable opportunities, which will accompany us almost to the Christmas holidays. We are talking about the interesting "Star Casino I know I know!" Premium competition: up for grabs for the lucky Rolex participants, Mediaset Premium subscriptions, very rich fun bonus and much more.

Star Casino, as usual, is giving away beautiful and truly exclusive prizes for a value of 30,000 euros. Anyone who can win simply by making a small top -up of 10 euros and playing for a volume, always 10 euros, at any game on his incredible and always new game menu.

Are you intrigued? Very good!

Let's see in detail how you can become one of the happy winners of the "Star Casino now I know!" Competition.

The competition will have a very long duration, even from 25 September to 10 December, this to really give way to all gaming enthusiasts to be able to participate, and a two promotional periods will be divided, the first from 25 September to 28 October; The second from 29 October to 10 December.

Rich promotions on Star Casino

To enter the race view on the Star Casino website, under competitions and promotions, the slip of the "Star Casino, now I know!" Competition; Click on "Participate" and start getting as many chances of victory as much as possible.

Make up 10 euros and play the amount everywhere on the site: slot machines, live tables, casino poker and many other games are at your disposal to have fun, enrich you and, from September 25 to 10 December, to also give you the possibility of Wearing one of the magnificent and exclusive Super Rolex on stake with the "Star Casino now I know!" competition.

A ticket will be credited for every 10 euro charging and game; It is up to you to decide how many tickets to accumulate to become one of the winners of the competition. You will receive an extra ticket by playing with Immersive Roulette.

Are you particularly lucky, or do the prizes are interested in up to a certain point? Then a single ticket could be basting you; But if instead you are determined to collect at least one of the gifts of the competition, get as tickets as possible and the more your possibilities will be to spot the goal.

Finally we talk about the prizes at stake. Star Casino, for a long time present online to offer the best game and extraordinary fun, seems to have understood to perfection what they dream of and what its players aspire to.

In fact, the chosen prizes could no longer be spot on. At the top of the ranking there were absolutely watches: nowadays one of the most coveted luxury objects, especially by men.

Vinci un Rolex Oyster Perpetual

And certainly no clock would make the wrists of all game fans happy more than a superb and sparkling gold rolex, Esta and Diamonds: Star Casino knows it well and in fact the first prize is just a real Rolex Oyster Perpetual, in a male version what a feminine. One thing really from casino VIP!

Those who cannot win it will still be able to console themselves with the other prizes of the highest level put up in the "Star Casino now I know!" Competition.

The third and fourth classified will collect a splendid and very interesting fun bonus of 500 euros, which can happily be used to win much more playing with Star Casino.

For the fifth until the twenty -ninth classified, the win consists of a 6 -month validity pay TV card, to enjoy all the most important sporting events of the season at home on Mediaset Premium.

There are a thousand reasons to participate in the Star Casino competition "Star Casino now I know!" We have listed only a few, the others discover them: now you know!

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