Winning and not risky strategies to roulette

Roulette, among the Casino Games, is one of those in which luck matters, this does not mean that there are no winning strategies. At the Roulette Online Players approach, often fasting of the rules of the game, which begin to aim at random. But by playing with a certain rationality and by applying simple rules, they can be obtained Better results than random episodes.

The first choice that can encourage positive results in the roulette is that of the table. Online casino often offer many options. From the classic french roulette and European, to the American one. There is no lack of imaginative versions, such as Roulette with two wheels, with three balls, mega roulette, and mini roulette. Roulette winning strategies require leave the variants aside. Although these can appear more fun than the traditional game, they were certainly designed to increase the advantage of the counter.

Start winning with the basic strategy

The Best winning roulette strategies Online are those that lead to a game mode suitable for us. To do this it is important establish your budget and try not to exceed it It is also essential to select the table by evaluating the minimum and maximum episode. Many casinos also allow you to know what are the payment percentages of the different tables. Choosing the one with higher percentages will give us more possibilities.

Starting with simple bets, it's a good way to feel the table trend And we could thus get small winnings. In this way we will avoid giving bottom to our budget in the first minutes of play, risking for example with single numbers. Forbidden to fix themselves on things like your lucky number or the late number, who will probably lead to waste many episodes.

Betting logically on the basis of what you win or lose is fundamental. The rule is to increase bets only if you win and decrease them if you lose This advice seems very trivial, but in reality it is not. Not infrequently a player who is losing a big sum decides to aim for everything and puts the residual budget at risk.

Little and very risky roulette strategies

Once we started playing by putting these tips into practice, we can try other winning strategies at roulette. Among the little risky ones there is the dozen system The Roulette scoreboard is divided into three dozen numbers and this strategy is based on the choice to focus on two dozen. Let's take an example to better understand. We aim for $ 2 out of 2 dozen, if we win we receive a payment of 3 to 1. We earn $ 6 - the episode = $ 4, the $ 2 must be removed on the other dozen; The earnings will be 2 $. We continue with the same episode. If we lose to the next lap we will have to aim twice as much, so in case of win we recover the losses. This is a low risk system, given that by focusing on 2 dozen at a time we will have 2 possibilities out of 3 to win. You underline the approximately because we are not considering the 0. There is one but one Roulette version without zero.

The more risky Fibonacci system, which is based on the following sequence of numbers: 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 13 - 21 - 34 - 55 - 89 - 144 - 233. point according to this strategy, which can be winning at the roulette, means multiplying The episode for these numbers in sequence. The rule is, if you win the same episode, if you lose, go to the next. The risk is that with a series of unfortunate laps, you will find very high sums.

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