Red 7 Blackjack system ♠ Winning counting

The Red 7 Blackjack system is a strategy to win quite simple that can lead to very satisfactory results. To apply this system it is important to have a minimum of practice with the counting of the cards. The name of this strategy suggests that a particular card, throughout the deck, has an important role: it is 7 red. Unlike other methods, the Red 7 system is not balanced, consequently the final count of the whole deck will not be 0.

Let's start by indicating how the cards must be divided and what values must be attributed.

  • 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 have a value +1
  • 7 red has value +1
  • 7 black has value 0
  • 8 and 9 have a value 0
  • 10, j, q k and ace have value -1

Compared to other counting systems, therefore it will be necessary to consider the presence of the 7 and remember that only red is worth + 1, while black is worth 0.

The number of decks

Another element is fundamental in the Red 7 system and is related to the number of decks. This significantly affects counting. In fact instead of starting from 0, It will start on a negative number that depends on the number of decks multiplied by -2 For example, if you play with 4 decks, we will have to start from -8: 4 x (-2). Starting from -8, or even -12, if you play with six decks, you will have to start to subtract or add points based on the cards that come out. Once we have familiarized with this count we have to be good at identifying the pivot point.

The pivot point in the Blackjack game is that exact moment in which you understand that you are a favorable situation. From that moment on, it is possible to increase the episodes in order to take advantage of the count. In the Red 7 system this pivot point occurs when the count leads us to +1, +2 or +3.

It will understand why training is also fundamental in this counting system that will not be very complicated for experts. Before trying a strategy of this type, it is advisable to master the simplest strategies such as the hi or the KO.

Other strategy to be joined to the Red 7 Blackjack system

By mastering the Red 7 system perfectly, it will also be possible to adopt some variations that complete this strategy. Variations are suggestions on how to act with a certain counting and specific points in hand. Here is the scheme:

  • If the count is equal to or greater than 0, and the bench shows 10: be with 16
  • With a count equal or greater than 0, and the bench shows 10: be with 12
  • If the desk shows it has 10 and our count is equal to or greater than 2: stay with 15
  • If the count is equal to or greater than 2, and the bench shows 2: be with 12
  • With a count it is equal to or greater than 2, and the bench shows Asso, double with 10.

If these instructions confuse us, we must not worry. By training the count for the appropriate time, we will be ready to apply changes automatically. Before trying the Red 7 system in real matches, as for all other counting systems you have to try, try and try. Today we are lucky enough to train on online blackjack without having to sit at a table and spend real money.

The test versions of the Blackjack online They are free and have all the features. In this way we will become practical in the counting of the Red 7 system, even before pointing only one euro.

Other relevant methods are the HI LO system and the Omega II system.

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