Systems to win at slot machines what to do and not to do

If we have a passion for casino games, we are probably attached by all articles that promise systems to win at slot machines. The truth is that we often read tricks and strategies that then applied in practice prove to be a hole in the water. And in our wallet.

Are there systems to win at slot machines?

Even a child knows that With casino games, to win, in the long run it is always the casino. The margin of the house characterizes all the games in the casino, which more, which are less. As regards the Slot machine online, these tend to be a very generous game, but this does not guarantee us the win.

We can certainly increase our chances by choosing the slots with high payout and low volatility This first strategy can lead us to have some satisfaction. Among the systems to win is one of the most rational ones since it is based on factual data. The online slot payout tells us in what percentage the money played in a slot returns to the player. If the payout is high, for example 98%, out of $ 100 played, 98 players return. Volatility speaks to us instead of the risk connected to a slot. A low volatility implies that the risk is low, and that that slot will often pay, small sums. The combination of high payout and low volatility will probably make us win winnings. But obviously he won't make us hurway the casino.

When to stop: systems not to lose too much

Sometimes the only way to win at an online slot machine is to limit losses. Someone Strategies to win at slots They indicate the moments when you have to stop playing, or change game. An example is said "60 strategy". This requires those who apply it to stop playing if he has won, or lost, 60% of the capital. Another system of this type is the one that suggests to stop pointing if you lose for 9 consecutive spins. In reality, the game results of the online slot machine are regulated by an RNG, i.e. a random numbers generator. This prevents you from making calculations, and maybe the tenth spin could be the lucky one. The positive thing about These strategies is the fact that they impose a loss limit As in all casino games, even for slots, the prudent management of the budget is required. Setting your limits is fundamental, but it must be said that these systems do not increase our possibilities to win at the casino.

What to avoid when playing slots

In addition to the advice relating to the management of the budget, and the choice of the slot based on payout and volatility, there are also behaviors to avoid. Also in this case, we are not talking about real systems to win at slot machines, but of actions that if avoided can facilitate the win.

  • Avoid playing with automatic mode In this way the game goes without saying, it runs out quickly and we will find ourselves without budget without even having enjoyed the fun.
  • Don't play with the goal of earnings. Winning to the slots and casino games is beautiful, but it must never become our source of income.
  • Play when you are tired or drunk Euphoria, thrill, tiredness have been altered mental that will inevitably lead us to make irrational game choices.
  • Continue playing when you win It's our lucky day, have we just won a nice nest egg? Why risk losing him by continuing to play? When you win it is good to collect the loot. Losing everything with a few spin to online slots is much easier than winning the same sum.
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