He sistens before last per vincere al baccarat

Among the game strategies for cards, very popular is the Sistema before the last Baccarat. These two French words have the meaning of "before the last" or "ahead of the last". They indicate a way to win money on baccarat widespread especially among European players. Unlike Other game strategies, which are based on the progression of the episodes, this system is based on what happens in the previous hands. Because of this The Avant Dernier system cannot be applied to the first hand, but you have to wait at least three games. Then you can identify the series and start applying it to our games.

The idea that underlies this simple strategy is that you try to capture a positive series. But let's do two examples to better explain how it works:

  • If we have a series in which Banco, player, player, Banco win in order, based on the Avant Dernier system, in the next hand we have to focus on the player
  • Having the player series, Banco, Banco, in the next hand we should focus on the counter.

How to win with the Avant Dernier Baccarat system

Based on the examples, the very simple rule of this system is evident, namely focus on the penultimate result. That is, the one before the last, the Avant Dernier indicated by the name. Obviously, as we have already highlighted, to identify this result, a series of at least three games must be taken into consideration. Although apparently it has no scientific foundation, this system seems to work to create winning series.

Unlike other systems that take as a base for the next bet that of the last hand, the Avant Dernier is based on the penultimate result. The success of this game strategy also in online casinos leads to think that it works. Certainly compared to the game systems with progressive episodes, it does not require playing sums higher ways. It can therefore be applied by all players, even if they do not have a large budget available.

It should also be underlined The other rule of this simple strategy, which requires not to apply the system in case the draw comes out. This result is not very likely and therefore the hands that end with the desk and player tie must simply be ignored.

If we are new to casino games, but we love card games, the baccarat live It is quite simple, and it could be fun. The rules are easy to understand, and looking for a game in test mode on the casino we could experiment with the results of this simple game strategy.

He sisistema before the last Funziona?

Like all the strategies and systems that are applied to Baccarat and other casino games, even Avant Vernier does not ensure that you win money. Baccarat game has its component based on fortune or on the case. Consequently, there are no strategies that can ensure victory. It is also enough to consider that even in the most favorable episode to the player, the counter retains an advantage. Although minimum, 1.06%, this is still an advantage of the house, which tells us that in the long run the counter always wins.

These considerations do not indicate that you cannot win at Baccarat, but suggest that no system is infallible and leads to safe victory. But unlike other strategies and systems, that of the Avant Vernier has Several qualities. The first is simplicity, everyone can apply it effortlessly, does not require complicated calculations or counts. The second is that it is not very risky. Our episode on the penultimate can be minimal, and we can try it without giving bottom to all our budget. Finally, remember that among the casino games the baccarat is the one in which it is more difficult to hurl. Unless you love the risk and decide to focus on the draw, which pays 8 to 1.

If you want to discover other systems to win at Baccart or to know the rules, read the article on Baccarat online.

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