Venice Live Roulette by Star Casino: you win with zero!

Whether you are still on vacation or that you are left at home, what would you say that you prolong the atmosphere of the holidays with a beautiful evening spent in the rooms of the most elegant casino in Venice thanks to the Live Roulette of Star Casino? There are no trains or planes to be taken, nor hotels to book: the Venice casino comes directly to your home on your PC screen to involve you in the most beautiful and fascinating of the episode games, the roulette!

You can have this engaging experience by connecting to Star Casino: once you enter this splendid online gaming room, one of the best ever on the web, click on Roulette , and immerse yourself in its atmosphere.

In these days there is one more reason to choose Star Casino and his Venice Roulette Live, we are talking about a very interesting promotion dedicated to all players passionate about roulette and green table.

As each game enthusiast knows, there are a thousand and the more the games that can be made at the roulette: in fact you can focus on a number from 1 to 36, you can focus on the red or black color and on a whole series of combinations of numbers depending on how these are arranged on the green cloth. Another way of challenging the fate to roulette is to focus on the only green number on the wheel, we speak naturally of zero.
And the zero is the protagonist of the promotion that Star Casino has designed to make the live experience of Roulette Venice even more compelling.

Live Roulette by Star Casino

Try to focus on zero and cross your fingers, in fact if this number will come out twice in a row you will win 10 times the value of your mail. The promotion of Star Casino, however, it can make you much richer: the zero could come out more than twice in a row by giving you the opportunity to collect much more than 10 times the mail: 100 times what you have pointed you will win it if 3 times in a row the ball will stop the his race on the green zero box; 1,000 times and even 10,000 times the episode can be won in randomness, in the truth very remote, that zero comes out 4 or 5 times consecutively.

It is therefore a real hunt for zero that has opened among the star casino players; And the challenge definitely teases the desire to win gaming enthusiasts judging by those who stormed the lobby dedicated to roulette and the live version of the game offered by Roulette Venice of Star Casino.

The number of players in fact and significantly increased since the promotion dedicated to the number zero has peeked on the web. Discover the others Live games Available in Casino-Us-Online.coms.

Win with zero

It is really possible to spot the exact number of the Roulette, and is it possible that this is precisely the number zero? It seems extremely difficult for us, in fact no player to date has won his initial episode 10,000 times. But things change if we examine the possibility that the zero exits two or three times consecutively.

Many of you will have happened to see the ball put on the wheel always on the same number, even three times in a row! The statistics say that this is quite frequent and each of us will have experienced it more than once; This means that winning 10 or 100 times focusing on zero is possible and probable ...

Of course, fate must be from ours, because if it is true that roulette lends itself to valid and winning systems it is also true that a dose of luck is equally necessary. Then feel our idea! Consult your player horoscope and decide, together with the stars, if this is the month in which you will spot the roulette number three times in a row ... and that zero is!

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