Very rich Halloween with Netbet Blood Suckers slot

The week of ghosts and witches is about to start with the Netbet Blood Suckers slot. Halloween is upon us and on October 31st, in the long night of the monsters, the streets will fill up with masks and disguises in the name of fear. The online world of slot machines and certified casinos is always looking for promotions, bonuses and gifts.

All online casinos, in fact, have conceived and promoted special events and content dedicated to Halloween. Among all, however, the most original was Netbet. His personal Halloween party will put 13 players in the happy condition to share 200 euros of prizes and bonuses.

When you are lucky enough to have a slot machine in your game menu called Blood Suckers, as happens in Netbet, it is easy to find inspiration for the most spot on the occasion of Halloween!

la slot machine blood suckers

The Slot machine online Blood Suckers, as indeed other slots inspired by darkness and nightmares, zombies for example, it is played better on occasions like these. While the streets go up screams and grotesque masks fall from the dark corners. We comfortable at home can enjoy our personal monsters great. From the rollers of slot machines like Blood Suckers, they frighten us, have fun and above all they reward us.

Netbet puts his Blood Suckers slot machine in the center of a beautiful and compelling challenge connected to the Halloween party. At stake 2000 euros that the first 13 players in the standings will divide into bonuses. Blood Suckers, as the name tells us and like all players passionate about slot machines certainly know, is inspired by the world of vampires and darkness. Whoever finds themselves by adventure to turn his rollers know what he will meet. Buie and stormy nights, disturbing bats and spiders, uncovered crypts and tombs.

What could have been more appropriate for the Stage Festival of the Blood Suckers slot Machine?
Netbet immediately took the opportunity to overcome all the competing game rooms with a nice competition dedicated to the Blood Suckers slot machine and the scariest night of the year. Read the Netbet review.

Netbet promotion

The promotion is actually articulated for the entire week that goes from 26 October, Monday, until midnight, now of witches, vampires and living dead, of 31 October. To take part in the challenge that walks 2000 euros in bonuses and prizes. Of course you have to have an open account in the Netbet online game room. The second step that each player interested in the promotion of Netbet will have to do is download the free Blood Suckers slot machine and start playing. Obviously there are many other slot machine a tema halloween, but Blood Suckers is just that of the moment.

The minimum episode to access the competition is 2 euros but, of course, those who play more will have more chances to climb the ranking and win the highest prize. It is precisely on the basis of the extent of the games that, at the end of the week, Netbet will set up the ranking with the 13 winning players.

At the first classified a bonus of 700 euros; To the second 500 euros and the third classified a nice gift of 500 euros. The fourth classified, the fifth and so on until the thirteenth, instead, will all win the same figure of 50 euros. The bonus will be credited by the Netbet casino to its winning players within 72 hours from the expiry of the competition.

Those who have not yet experienced the surprises and twists and turns of the Blood Suckers slot machine will have in the week that closes the month of October the best opportunity to discover one of the most compelling slot machines on the web.

Those who already know the special contents, the Game bonuses and all the secrets of the crypt and vampires of Blood Suckers, this week will have an excellent reason to retrace the adventures of vampire hunters on the rollers. 2000 euros at stake for a competition lasting only one week are too greedy to let them escape: those who intend to challenge luck will be better to prepare at long nights of play and fun; The vampires of Halloween and Blood Suckers await you!
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