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Videoopker Joker Poker introduces a very interesting novelty in our beloved game: Jolly. The game variants grow thus exponentially and in your favor.

The Jolly can in fact replace any other card. Videoopker Joker Poker has 50 cards lines and on each there is a 52 cards a joker.

At the beginning of each game you will receive five cards and you will have the opportunity to change them only once; Each line of game is a game in its own right.

Exploit the doubling rule

Of particular interest is the rule of doubling: if after changing the cards you have a winning combination in hand you can decide to double the bet in the following way. The desk is assigned an discovered card and gives four blankets to you; You have to choose one and if the chosen card is superior to that of the counter, your winnings double, if it is lower, it does not get anything, if it is the same you can again decide whether to keep your original win or try to double it. You can also try to double your win as long as you want.

For those who want to run less risks, the Video Poker Joker Poker It also offers the possibility of the means doubling, that is, you can only play the card highest half of the win, while the other half is collected immediately.

Snai payment percentages

Of extreme interest are the payment percentages of Sani's Joker Poker. When playing with the maximum number of tokens, it is even 98.60%, in all other cases to 97.96%. Yes, you read that right: the video poker video poker comes to return almost all the money played.

Snai even dared to exceed the 98%share, which is the maximum share to which the best mess with slot machines arrive. Think how far the times of the bar videos are where the percentage of winning was set by law at 75%. The power of the Internet is all here: more beautiful games and higher winnings.

Play free on Snai

The strength of this online casino is the ability with which the tastes of American players senses and develops them in compelling and exclusive games. The section of the games of the American historical tradition never ceases to amaze us: broom and beast and forty scale and many others.

The slot machines are all there: divided by color to help the player to extricate themselves between bonuses and promotions. It is played at all hours at the bingo, the live game is very valid, lotteries and poker complete the offer of this casino that nothing is missing.

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Rules of the Joker Poker videopoker

The rules of Video poker Joker Poker seem to be studied specifically to make the game more exciting and compelling. The presence of the Joker in the deck, in fact, increases the winning combinations and so also the chances of victory and fun, because we have fun more if we win more, right?

Follow us in the explanation of the rules and you will be able to play at very high levels.
The video poker videopoker, like the poker classico, is a card game in which those who can show the highest combination wins. The deck used is made up of 52 cards, with the addition of a Joker, or Jolly.

After carefully studying the 5 cards received by the Mazziere, the player, to win the initial episode multiplied according to the rules of the game, decides whether to keep them, whether to change them and in this case how many cards change; Important decision because you can change only once.
After the change, the games of the counter and the player are discovered and those who have the highest hand wins.

Eat if I link the Videopker Joker Poker?

Thanks to the presence of the Joker, the winning combinations are more numerous than in classic poker.

Starting from the minimum combine: the pair of Joker, Regine or King or the double couple; passing through the trio: 3 equal cards; La Scala: 5 different but consecutive seed cards; The color: 5 cards of the same seed; We arrive at the most important points: full, poker and color scale: three cards equal more two equal, four equal cards and 5 cards of the same color and consequent.

It is time for the rules of the Joker videopoker they come into action: here are three other additional combinations capable of making you hurway the table: the royal scale formed by 4 cards of the same seed on scale the joker; Poker joker and finally the natural royal scale, without joker.

Rules of the Joker Poker video poker at 50 lines

If you are not yet convinced and your concentration capacity is as big as your desire to win try the 50 lines version: these are 50 games played simultaneously. On each line you play a separate hand, with your own deck and Jolly.

Of course, here too the rule of doubling and the means doubling is worth the doubling so in case of victory, for those who feel lucky, there is the possibility of playing a special hand with 4 covered cards and a discovery: the player discovers one, if it is higher than that note from the beginning .... Casino who pay immediately!

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