Video poker Online 🃏

One of the greatest successes of the casino are certainly the online videopoker. An exciting mix of luck and strategy that, after making sparks in the local bars and mess, is now depopulating on the web. Offered in infinite versions, videopoker are now the workhorse of the offer of many Casino Online Arms.

The best versions of online videopoker

We try to briefly examine the most famous versions of the online video poker, in order to guide the choice towards the one that appears most compelling.

All American

All casinos have their online version of the All American videopoker. Very simple to play It is suitable for those who for the first time try the Jewishness of the video poker played online.

The winning points are the same as the poker classico And you win from the pair of jack up. Among all the versions one of those with the highest winning percentage. Read the Reference of All American

jacks or better

Judging from what the players write in their discussion forum this is the Most loved online videopoker ever Always present in the menu of all the most famous virtual game rooms.

The simple and clear rules and you can play immediately. Excellent payment percentages are the basis of the success of this online Videopker You win from the jack pair up. The most paid combination is the royal scale that is worth 250 times the episode. Read the Reference of jacks or better

Aces and Faces

As indicated in the name of this version of the online video poker The player begins to win starting from the couples formed by faces, jacks, queens, kings, and axes.

The difference between this version and that Jacks or Better is that the poker of axes is paid more than the color scale.

High percentage of return to the player and top graphics. Read the Reference of Aces and Faces

Joker Poker

The minimum combination to win is the couple of kings, but in the deck the jokers remain that you can use by giving it the value you need to obtain the winning score. Thanks to the presence of the Jolly it is very easy to earn with this version of the online videopoker.

Furthermore, thanks to the Jolly, some particular hands are provided in the payments table, such as poker + joker, or the royal scale + joker. Read the Reference of Joker Poker

Play the videopoker

In fact, for all online videopoker the substance of the game is increasingly the same: make an episode, 5 cards are distributed, you can decide which cards and which cards to leave, you win based on the combination of cards that At the end they have in the end, with moreover the possibility of trying the doubling or means of doubling. What adds emotion to online videopoker are the customization possibilities offered by the engineering of the software that make each different online version that can be tried. A singular and exciting experience, made of winnings and losses but also of involving graphic and sound effects. It was very difficult to make roulette or blackjack online physical games online. While on the contrary, no problem was created for Videopker since the game already from birth was designed to be transmitted to the video.

Rules of doubling and the medium doubles in the game of online videopoker

A characteristics of all versions of online videopoker is the possibility of doubling or half doubling the win. If you have obtained a particularly lucky winning hand and want to dare even more; Or more simply you want to make the game faster and fluid avoiding continuously starting new hands, all you have to do is click on the doubles button to focus the entire winnings just made or half double to repay only half of it. In the event of a doubling, the online videopoker will display 5 covered cards for you, and will immediately discover one, the counter card. If the card you choose immediately afterwards is higher you will have doubled.

The online video poker a truly captivating game

Almost all of these variants of online videopoker are present in the virtual casino menus in particular versions with several lines. A multi -lines online video game game is a fun and very engaging experience, but to enjoy it fully it is recommended only to players a little more experienced; In fact, it is a question of playing multiple hands simultaneously. The videopoker is divided into several lines in each of which takes place an independent hand from the others. Increases adrenaline and the possibility of burst winnings; Recommended for particularly fierce and restless players.

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