Videopoker Aces and Faces 🃏 Online

Aces and Faces is one of the best known variants of the videopoker. On Snai you can find the most attractive and, above all, more generous version of Aces and Faces and Faces. However, let's start with the characteristics of this fantastic game.

Le caratteristiche del Videopoker Aces and Faces

The Videopker Aces and Faces has 25 payment lines and each one is a game in its own right. The maximum episode is five coins by payment line. The winning combinations range from Jack's pair to the royal scale. At the beginning of the game, five cards are received for each line and you can change them only once. The win is the sum of the winning combinations on all lines. The payments table provides a quick summary of the winnings. But know that this game, as can be understood easily from its name, differently pays the various types of poker. With a poker of axes, the double is collected that with a poker of figures, with a poker from 2 to 10 you win instead about a third compared to the poker of axes.

The payment percentages of Snai
The famous game platform has made transparency one of its strengths, as well as generosity: those who play Aces and Faces and bet the maximum number of tokens can expect a payment percentage of 95.44%, while those who bet less is entitled to 94.08%. They are enormously higher percentages than 75% to which it could be aspired with the video cobblestones of the American bars.

The doubling rule multiplies your win

Il videopoker Aces and Faces It has a very interesting feature, that is, the possibility of doubled its win by challenging the counter to the highest card. When you win your hand and you feel lucky you can try to double it (but also quadruple it or multiply it by eight) by putting it back into the game. Those who do not want to risk too much can fall back on the possibility of the means of doubling which, as the name already says, allows you to put only half of the winning back into play and immediately collect the other half.

Le regole del Videopoker Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces is one of the many and appreciated variants of the videopoker, available in the online casinos and beyond. Aces and Faces, literally translated, means axes and figures and indicates that, in this version of the videopoker, the payment rules provide that the poker of axes or figures are paid with very high winnings, much higher than all the other combinations, e that couples are paid only if you form at least by axes and figures.

For the rest, the rules of the Videopker Aces and Faces do not differ much from the rules of the classic videopoker. The purpose of the game is always to get a 5 -card poker hand with the highest possible score

How to play Aces and Faces

At the beginning of the game you will have to make an initial episode; The episode is made first selecting the value of the single token, then selecting the number of tokens you want to aim. In almost all the software used by the Casino Online, you will face a table of payments that will tell you how much the episode you are paying.

After the initial episode, then 5 cards will be distributed. At this point you will have to choose which cards and which to change; Perhaps superfluous to remember, the rules provide that the cards can only change once. Once you have changed the cards, if you have less than a pair of figures, the hand is lost; If you have an equal or higher combination you can decide whether to "collect" or whether to play the "double" or the "doubling".

If you choose for doubling, the counter will distribute an discovery card and 4 blankets. You will therefore have to choose one of the 4 covered cards: if its value is lower, you have also lost the original win; If the paper is equal, the original win can be collected or attempting a new doubling; If the chosen card is higher, however, you can choose whether to collect double the original win or try a further doubling.

The rules of the doubling vehicle are identical to those of doubling, only that half winning is collected and half is doubled.
It is interesting to know that the theoretical percentage of winning the Videopker Aces and Faces can reach 95%, therefore we recommend that you recorded in a Casino with no deposit bonus.

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