Videopoker All American Online 🃏

All American single line is a variant of the Video poker Online, which in turn is a casino game born from the union between the famous poker and the glorious slot machine.
Playing only poker or only at the slot machine is in itself already fun, however, it happens that after dozens of hands the desire to change the game situation and the desire to measure themselves in completely different challenges takes over; Hybrid games, like all American single line, are born precisely to always keep attention and enthusiasm high, offering the player how much there is better than one and the other game.

There are dozens and dozens of videopoker variants, truly for all tastes, all American single line is undoubtedly to try, you will have fun are you sure!

A poker game with an extra gear

For All American Single Line are worth the rules of poker as usual, the opponent does not exist is only you and the car, so no bluff, your purpose is to obtain a combination of cards provided by the winning table that you find in plain sight at on the screen and you're done. Usually, to make the game more interesting, other winning combinations such as Jacks or Better are added alongside the classic points of poker, or the pair of jack, queens, kings or axes. recognized by All American single line.

All American, single or multiline line?

All American Single line is preferred to many other variants of multiple lines slot machines, playing on a single line means using only one card deck, and therefore being able to focus on a single game action which, if it is a winner, However, it would make you put a good escort of chips in your pocket. Playing on multiple lines, 50 or over 100 can initially be very fun but in the end it is tiring and stressful, how to play a football match with 50 or 100 balloons ... it doesn't seem like the best!

The doubling for an extra thrill

If the hand to All American Single line is winning you can collect the win but be careful, try instead to press the "doubles" button: a dry game begins all new between you and the car: an uncovered card, that of the car, 4 covered cards to choose from; If the chosen card is higher than that of the car you have doubled the win. All American single line will keep you awake all night!


In poker game, those who get the highest hand wins the stakes.
At the American video poker the rules are the same. We explain them to you all.

The challenge takes place between the player and the counter; At the beginning of each game at the videoopker All American player and Banco decide how many tokens to aim; Of course, the rules quantify a minimum episode and a maximum episode, clearly visible on the sidelines of the screen.

After placing the opening episode, the Mazziere distributes 5 cards per se and 5 to the player. The player who opened the game by aiming for the initial dish decides how many and which cards you tender, at this point the action comes into the heart, because it is a question of "seeing" the cards.

Winning combinations to All American videopoker

Those who have obtained the highest combination wins the initial dish multiplied depending on the hand obtained.
The rules of the ALLE American videopoker identify the winning minimum combination in the jack pair, which doubles the initial episode.

The queen pair beats Jack's pair and King's couple wins that of Queen.
To go up we find the double couple, and the trio, paid from 3 to 15 times the initial episode depending on the extent of the episode itself.

In addition to the trio we find the richest combinations, those that, even in the event of a minimum episode, make you win a lot of money. In the All American Videopoker version these are: La Scala: 5 cards of different but consecutive seed; the color, i.e. 5 cards of the same seed; The full: two cards of the same value three cards of the same value; poker quantified in 4 cards of the same value; Color scale: five consecutive cards and the fabulous score: the royal scale: 5 consecutive cards of the same seed.

Additional rules: doubling and means of doubling

Among the particular rules of the All American videopoker we find a very interesting one, that of doubling.
If your hand was winning, wait to collect the prize, if you want you can double it: the bench discovers a card and has 4 more blankets. You have to discover one: if it is higher than that discovered by the bench double the win.

You can also decide to try the doubling only half of the win, in this way you can win by risking less.

Among the rules of the important mess is that of the payout of the game that oscillates between 97.38 and 80.08 depending on the maximum or minimum episode, a nice percentage of winning in any case! If you play with a Casino Arms Bonus, you can win without depositing,

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